What will you do if you have a time machine?
Elly Official QooApp #Time_Machine
Master! Have you read this new meme? 
It’s about what girls and boys will do if they have a time machine!
Personally, I will definitely go back in time to when Gilbert was small and take some embarrassing photos!
Then when I come back I can tease him and ask him to help with my work!
Ah-hem… So what about you? 
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What will you do if you have a time machine?

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  • Prevent tragedy

  • Gamble and win money

  • Draw anime before they are out

  • Impress waifu with the ability

  • Tell yourself not to do something stupid

  • Enjoy you previous meal again

  • Others, see my note!

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Frendy Fog #Time_Machine 
kogasa x sanae [害羞][害羞]
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swaggy otaku #Time_Machine I want to come back to the time my little sister is still alive and change what happened at the day she died so she's still alive now. 😔 Read Note
Frendy Fog #Time_Machine 
Tenshi best waifu [色色][色色]
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ArtPirate #Time_Machine 
Time waits for no one
don't play with time
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KK's Revenge #Time_Machine I'll visit Trunks Read Note
fawzi 5616 #Time_Machine 
Probably what I do, I will come to every important event on earth history, replace everything are made by me. so I can rules the world...🤣
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悠小阪 I wish to become a Merchant #Time_Machine 
Personally, I want to use the time machine to go back to far past.
I will then overcharged Noble for my product of Salt, Sugar, Spices, Cotton, Silk, and many other chep things in the future.
I would then buy their high quality gem with low prices and resell them in the future.
Selling fun things from the future like board games are valid option too and make life richer.
Note : Personally, if Time Machine exist, I wish to denounce everyone (Especially those idiot from Past Church) who even tried to think of stupid things like Witch Hunt.
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