What is the first game you ever played?
They say the first one is often the most memorable. Is it true for you? Whether it was on a console, PC, or mobile, we all had to start somewhere.
So what was your first and where did you play it?
swaggy otaku #TheFirstOne The first game I ever played is Super Mario. This game is a huge part of my childhood days [微笑][微笑] Read Note
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor #AnimeMeme #TheFirstOne #BestAnime

Who agree with me hand up!!!!!! New Anime recently Read Note
SmugStheno #TheFirstOne The first one? Read Note
VanPham #TheFirstOne Read Note
Tô Ka #TheFirstOne Read Note
Mohamm AD #TheFirstOne Read Note
Myseri loka #TheFirstOne GTA San Andreas,was the first game I remember playing and getting addicted, I was playing on my father's laptop[色色] Read Note
Ľastre #TheFirstOne The first game I ever played was Bounce. I think. Read Note
Spoopy_Syrup #TheFirstOne The first true video game I've ever played was SimCity on my dads laptop. . he'd let me hop up on his lap and screw around with all the civilians. .maybe summon some aliens. .a natrual disaster or two. . .how bout mountain makin. I was six or something like that but it was all so very entertaining. Read Note
Scion Storm This game is super different. The live idol girls as characters is pretty fun. #TheFirstOne Read Note
Roxy Kingsley #TheFirstOne I have received a note telling I have shared explicit content whereas I didn't do anything. What is the problem? Read Note
Xenoba #TheFirstOne
While I never got to experience it in it's arcade authenticity, one of the first games I remember playing was Space Invaders. My mother introduced me to the game on PC (emulated), which I got to play on some occasions after school.
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Federico O. #TheFirstOne is jungle hunt Atari 2600 for console Read Note
ChrisRamzi #TheFirstOne The first game I ever played is of course the classic Super Mario (back when my uncle used to have a Family Game Console) Read Note
AmaterasuDeath #TheFirstOne Lols..
Kids these days..
My First Game is Legend of the Dragons and Final Fantasy 9 in PS1. Read Note
akame24 #TheFirstOne my game favorite basara,Naruto,resident evil,naruto, devil may cry Read Note
Nao Tomori #BestAnime and #TheFirstOne i watch anime is the law of ueki.
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Celius Minh #TheFirstOne my first game is Dragonball Gt final bout PS1. amazing game fighting and Bloody Roar 4 PS2 Read Note
Osun Kwon #TheFirstOne Read Note
Jellal Fernandes #TheFirstOne Digimon World PS1 .. Read Note
Elly Official QooApp #TheFirstOne
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You guys were on fire with your comments and notes. There are more than 1300 of them! Some of them are heartwarming. Some of them are hella funny. I enjoy reading them all, but this number of comments took me DAYS to read.

Hey, don’t you dare say I’m lazy. A lady like me needs her beauty sleep!

Anyway, here are some good comments that deserve more likes ~
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Aaron Aphron #TheFirstOne ps3 sonic the headhog Read Note
Narurei #TheFirstOne my first game is Snake or something like that on old phone. You have to feed a snake until it's very long and doesn't have space to move and i really love it until now [色色][色色][色色][開心] Read Note
L Kane Bueno #TheFirstOne was sonic the hedgehog on the Playstation 3 it was the awesome stuff!( ~'ω')~( ~'ω')~ Read Note
Sonikku #TheFirstOne
Sonic Advance on GameBoy Advance Read Note
Nao Tomori #TheFirstOne super mario bros 3 in Gameboy Advance SP Read Note
Netnot69 #TheFirstOne snake xenzia on nokia was my first game Read Note
Jynx The Hedgehog #TheFirstOne My first game was Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee on the PC. Since my native language isn't English, I did not understand s thing from the game for a really long time. just solving the puzzles aimlessly. I only knew that I had to save the other "green-me(s)"

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Priss Sakamoto #TheFirstOne My first game was on the atari, the one were you try to help the turtle to cross the road... i loved it [開心]

Edit: My bad, it was a frog 😅 Read Note
Francisco Garcia #TheFirstOne my first game was Kung-Fu, in my NES. I ever loved that game! Read Note
Dat Boi #TheFirstOne was Madden 2003, however I play fallout more than madden Read Note
WANDERE #TheFirstOne [可憐] Metal Slug Arcade up the street at the local store, my mom would give me quarter's to play while she went shopping. Read Note
bob cox #TheFirstOne Space Cadet 3D pinball Read Note
Eduardo Ferre #TheFirstOne was Castlevania on the NES. I remember it being hard as hell to beat x.x Read Note
Nk Batter #TheFirstOne
The first game I remember playing was this really old, sort of whac-a-mole, game on one of my Mum's earliest phones, a silver sort of flip phone. A cute animal would appear on the screen and you had to press the button corresponding to the hole it was in. It was so fun especially for the little kid I was then.
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.0RBiT3D. #TheFirstOne Mario Kart on Game Cube Read Note
nekoparadise #TheFirstOne Megaman X4 on PS1 Read Note


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