If you could have any superpower, what would you want?
Real life sucks, imagination makes it more colorful! if you could have any superpower ever, what super power would you want and why?
solta -kun #SuperPower Ability : no longer human Read Note
Řėpłąÿ #SuperPower Yeah, I'd want to have the powers of flight and invisibility.
Flying would be like exercising, then I could burn calories everyday. Additionally, I save money on travel expenses.
I would then want to be invisible as I fly. Undetectable by machines and unseen by anyone. The invisibility does not activate only during flight. I get to fly in peace ☺ Read Note
Alice_Williams05 #SuperPower
"Ability: Rashoumon!" Read Note
Machiosan #SuperPower I'd like to have psychic abilities Read Note
W A V Y ラ虞引ッ #SuperPower i want the super power to make my boyfriend gaige love me more Read Note
Lorenzo Ferone #SuperPower I'd like to have the superpower to escape responsbility Read Note
Tô Ka #SuperPower Read Note
d3kupuppet #SuperPower i would like the one for all Read Note
kirisaki chitoge #SuperPower time control Read Note
Omar Al-Doori #SuperPower Making waifus reality Read Note
Onigiri__16 #SuperPower the best superpower? Read Note
just is saitama Read Note
MUDA_MUDA #SuperPower why have superpowers, when you can have STANDO POWAH!! Read Note
Ľastre #SuperPower Abilities of Laplace's Demon Read Note
Vegito joker #SuperPower I would have copy get everyone powers Read Note
Etom W #SuperPower my power is negating all your power,thats why you all cant use it now Read Note
ExelBlaze #SuperPower .....If it comes to the power... death note is on the top... then comes genjutsu Read Note
Andy Ang #SuperPower Read Note
Horizono #SuperPower Read Note
prewade #SuperPower Read Note
prewade #SuperPower Read Note
Draguinor #SuperPower me i would like a super power like Son Goku Ultra Instinct Migatte.
Read Note
HazamaTerumi #SuperPower

To be as plot and reality defying as BB, that's the superpower I want. Read Note
S0UR CR34M #SuperPower i want to have the power to do anything i want Read Note
Rave Gaming #SuperPower to do anything i
want Read Note
ChrisRamzi #SuperPower I would like to have a power to control creation and destruction in form of light and darkness and make combine them as one. That would be God-like. Read Note
Cat_kun #SuperPower i'd like a power to Fully Control Space & Time, or A power to Escape ANYTHING even the Universe itself Read Note
RedRage #SuperPower iwant a power to create all power and could use by myself or give it to other😎 Read Note
SairentoKira #SuperPower migatte no gokui Read Note
AmaterasuDeath #SuperPower I want to finger snap with gloves Ahahahaha[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
FONZ13S #SuperPower One for all Quirk by My Hero Academia Read Note
Federico O. #SuperPower How Pop in manga dragon quest uses magic end can combine spell[哇噻] Read Note
Gamer Nekad #SuperPower buy a gem without paying Read Note
akame24 #SuperPower I want to skilled swordman,telekinektik and teleportasi Read Note
deyonbarrow #SuperPower I would have the power to control time or time manipulation ( ՞ټ՞) Read Note


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