Which summer activity do you prefer?
Teoh Yee Xian My best waifu Mikoto Summer #Summer_Activity  Read Note
WeeklyHastagMonster #Summer_Activity WWE SummerSlam  Read Note
Krebskulm Arknights #anime #girls #arknights #Summer_Activity #Tanabata
sc : (Pixiv)
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Aditya Ramadhan #Summer_Activity 
gak cuma di summer aja sih
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cursedcat dont go out, it is dangerous #Summer_Activity  Read Note
Kosaka I recommend Mountain Climbing! #Summer_Activity 
Gotta climb a mountain or two this summer. There are less people and more sounds of nature (insect creaking).
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Chunky #Summer_Activity
Im an otaku
So i'll stay home watching anime and then wonder wtf it is that im doing with my life
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Miyu Random🎲 #Summer_Activity
Would love to go to the beach or pool, but it's raining a lot here. So, I just watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, but of course, there are times that I don't have that much to watch, so I'm trying to have a new hobby while staying inside the house.
I'm currently interested in photography and photo enhancing. Here's some photos I took a while back.
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