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This summer is no joke! Heat waves, record-breaking hot temperatures, the relentless sunlight… To overcome these and carry on with all the great summer activities, we need heroes and heroines with high Summer Power! Now, put on the Summer Power Scouter here (not borrowed from Dragon Ball Z) and see what your Summer Power Level is!
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Oh no… I am melting… It is too hot out there… I need to hydrate…

Master… How come you look completely fine in this hot weather?

There’s only one explanation! It is the Summer Power inside your body that keeps all the damage by this hotness away from you!

Let me use my Summer Power Scouter to detect your level of Summer Power!

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Ryu Ken #SummerPowerScouter nicee Read Note
Rokusho What's his power level? #SummerPowerScouter Only level 3. Definitely not over 9000. Read Note
Arthur Killbear #SummerPowerScouter my power lvl is 8, the only activity i havent done is go swimming ;-; Read Note
Mizaki Shiriko Level 1 #SummerPowerScouter  Read Note
bagus anindhito #SummerPowerScouter 
Level 2 I guess
Read Note
Marcos Bolanos level 4! 😎
Read Note
John Sky Walker I'm lv 1 #SummerPowerScouter  Read Note
ryuu welp #SummerPowerScouter 
i guess i am a lvl 1 then
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