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The winter is getting colder and colder! What’s better than staying home chilling when it’s freezing outside? But if you are bored,we came up with a list that can show us what you should do at home! Come and share your stay home activity with us!
Elly Official QooApp #StayHomeActivity
Yaaaaaww….. Yaaaaawwwwn…………………
Oh hi, Master! Sorry, I can’t stop yawning! Still trying to get out of this comfortable bed!
It’s freezing outside! Why don’t you stay home with me today?
You don’t know how to pass your time at home all day? Ha! Ha! Don’t worry! I am an expert when it comes to veg out at home!
Here is my list of stay home activities! Let’s see what you will do and stay in our cozy home together!
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Kira_Yoshikage ... #StayHomeActivity 
I do like Reading and I do read but...WHY MY ENEMY?
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On_Kol-Tzabar_Cohen #StayHomeActivity so true[哇噻]just watch anime[開心] Read Note
Hisyi Ken lets make muscle💪💪 #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
// Bucks_weeb listen to music #StayHomeActivity Read Note
RandyRdGuard College be like... #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
Rachel Gould jack off to sexy anime waifuz #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
Dxel Goddamn right #StayHomeActivity Shinpachi spitting facts Read Note
Влад Онищенко #StayHomeActivity Cool I love music Read Note
LorMeow Listen to music #StayHomeActivity [怪笑] Read Note
Segumi Lets Cook! Thats pretty accurate because I haven't eaten lunch... Read Note
実緒 #StayHomeActivity snowy winter , book Read Note
Phantom Hell ermmmmmmm i- erm errrrrr 
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Raikou-sama Just vibing🎶 #StayHomeActivity Read Note
りり studying?! ᕙ[・۝・]ᕗ #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
Yuki K. Very true! This is Perfect for me![色色][色色]#StayHomeActivity  Read Note
DinoMeme we don't talk about Brunoo :3 #StayHomeActivity 
i like this song ✨
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ScLan join #StayHomeActivity (´・ω・`)
right, this true (TT)
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Ruru #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
OrangeDream✨ yeah anime :) #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
JERRY_RM9 #StayHomeActivity 
I'm lazy to study because I've finished the exam 🗿🔪
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Kyou Dareios it's actually very hot for me right now. over 30°C if im not wrong.
i do wish I had a pool at home though
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noniebonggaming Weekend activity #StayHomeActivity 
Hello guys. It's weekend today and almost over because tomorrow is Monday. So, what's my #StayHomeActivity for today? Wake up earlier and scrolling youtube. What I got is youtuber telling scary stories [大哭] and I'm alone at my room. What the heck?! After 1-2hours I take a bath and having Nasi Uduk for my breakfast. Do you know Nasi Uduk? In Indonesia, in Nasi Uduk there are rice, fried chicken, fried tofu and fried tempe. If you want to know about tempe, you go googling it. You will get explanation and picture of it. Then........ continue scrolling my media social like youtube, instagram, taptap and qooapp. Looking for movie to watch tonight and I haven't found it yet. Last time I watched Sing1&2 and I LOVE THE MOVIE SOOOOO MUCH. After that,I video call with my boyfriend because we are LDR and talking about what will we get for Valentine gift? chocolate or bullshit or nothing? 🤣 The end. [怪笑]
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Bruno Buccellati I just finished eating lol #StayHomeActivity  Read Note
Lia No Music No Life Yupp everytime [開心]
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Miku Hatsune listen to music #StayHomeActivity 🎶  Read Note
Skull Knight #StayHomeActivity I enjoy listening to music, i am fine with what i got [開心] Read Note
Kenta Nightwalker Nope. Too much for me #StayHomeActivity Read Note
DGDScarletTRSMemoria What to do at home. 😀 #StayHomeActivity
Drawing and workout sounds nice to me. [懵懂]
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Xelanater Ellevanox #StayHomeActivity
Music is pretty good.
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