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There are tons of great anime songs with different styles, share the one that can represent your mood right now♪

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Spinel Lomocso #SingItOutLoud
Purgatorium. Weh.
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Spinel Lomocso #SingItOutLoud
Junpaku Traumerei. Weh.
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Spinel Lomocso #SingItOutLoud
Tenshi to Akuma. Weh.
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EloraDaisy Initial. #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Spinel Lomocso #SingItOutLoud
Controversial Opinion: The best part of Zero is not the chorus part, but from 2:58 - 3:19. Kill me.
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MikoNyan #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
KÎRÏTØ how do i choose? i love to listen many" songs 🥺 #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
乂Kitty relaxation music of mine. #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Abrar Muhammad Nakib GTO - Ending song - Last piece by Kiari #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Miko Yes #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Gamejang게임쟝 Weeb metalhead #SingItOutLoud 
R18G warning
Chinese slamming brutal death metal band Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship
Technically not anime song, but is anime theme song featuring mixture of slamming goregrindcore and slamming brutal death metal. It's also my warm up song. Very good warming up with slam riff and death whammy. What a legend
I goes Niconiconi mode whenever I play this album 🔥
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Riee #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
DRL-SAN #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Jaja Tkl. Click in for more song and details~! #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Lee This is my fav in first half 2023 #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Matthew Bare Grip! by Every Little Thing #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Taki Yoshiro Sword art online anime opening...crossing fields #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
Rose i Love this song #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
SepthisHaru #SingItOutLoud 
There are actually a few for me.
B The Beginning End Theme
Link Click End Theme
Build Divide: Code Black Opening
Cagaster of an Insect Cage Opening
I probably could still count more, but I'll leave it at that.
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the_warlock hello world by bump of chicken #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
NemuV Glory Steady Go! Song by Wonderlands×Showtime #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
MogiXII #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
∩⑅∩ Shoujo Rei - project sekai MMJ cover #singitoutloud Read Note
Richard Armitage #SingItOutLoud sanctuary by utada hikari Read Note
Mars Catubig FIRE BIRD - Roselia #SingItOutLoud  Read Note
L mao #SingItOutLoud theme of niccori survey team 💯 Read Note
Japanese Siomai #SingItOutLoud 
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Magical Universe Precure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi (2013) #SingItOutLoud 
From the ending credits 
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Minnie #SingItOutLoud Mephisto, queen bee . Oshi No Ko Read Note
Raph Pavlov #SingItOutLoud 
HigeDism - Pretender
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Sylth Asmodeus #SingItOutLoud Alumina by Nightmare (band) ED1 of Death Note. Read Note
Selen Ng #SingItOutLoud
Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru
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Stephanie #SingItOutLoud 
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Lella.bumnY #SingItOutLoud 
n-buna <yorushika> say it!
i just can't get it of my mind
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Cecilia Garza #SingItOutLoud 
again from fma omggg
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OtaQoo 84800420 "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru #SingItOutLoud  Read Note


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