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Aaa-! Season 5 of My Hero Academia confirmed! 

Hurray! I love Shonen Jump manga and anime~

What? You thought girls don’t watch Shonen Jump? 

Pfff... baka! Although it’s called “Shonen” Jump, “Shoujo” like me can watch it too!

Here, this is a Shonen Jump bingo that I made.

Let’s see who watched more Shonen Jump manga/anime!
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Omar Mora Im kinda new to watching anime #ShonenJump_Bingo  Read Note
Black Misaki I only have one unwatch- #ShonenJump_Bingo  Read Note
Slyph #ShonenJump_Bingo i dont wat h a lot of shonen(some are halfed watched)  Read Note
Chunky Bingo #ShonenJump_Bingo 
Dont ask why i havent seen bleach, one piece or haikyu...
(i cant draw circles)
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Doppio #ShonenJump_Bingo  Read Note
Narurei So random~ #ShonenJump_Bingo  Read Note
Kiscsini Bingo #ShonenJump_Bingo [開心][厲害] Read Note
Human Name #ShonenJump_Bingo
I've watched more shounen jump than I thought! I've suprised myself [開心]
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