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Ever been stunned by a character’s altruism or their complete utter selfishness?

There are times where you have to deal with an incompetent fools work and do it yourself, other times you realize you have to be a sacrificial lamb in order to benefit the future of humanity.

Don’t bow down and cry in the corner you imbeciles!! Elly is collecting a range of heroic records of those who made sacrifices in their lifetime. Don’t just sit there and let her do all the work, start listing your own favourite sacrifices in NOTE now!

Elly Official QooApp #Sacrifice 
Have you ever had to make a sacrifice?
This particular motive comes in many forms, whether it be for ill intents or simply a gesture of goodwill. Perhaps one of your dying friends entrusted you to protect their family member, an oath promised that must be followed through no matter the cost.
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FreshBucatini #Sacrifice  Read Note
PEREZ BRALLAM:D #Sacrifice jjjj
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AsukaSenpai #Sacrifice  Read Note
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ヤスト #Sacrifice  Read Note
Youssef Anbri #Sacrifice  Read Note
Youssef Anbri #Sacrifice  Read Note
Youssef Anbri #Sacrifice  Read Note
Guzman #Sacrifice 
picture describes it all
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MashPot360 #Sacrifice [色色][大哭] Read Note
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Kidd.Kami #Sacrifice Goku during the Cell games to save gohan and everyone Read Note
Justin Uriel Triana Aguirre #Sacrifice i sacraficed my brother to get a new bodypillow feels bad man Read Note
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bhanu rafi #Sacrifice  Read Note
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le mangaka suprême #Sacrifice gai vs Madara for protect konoha and
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AnimeAdventures _Yt #Sacrifice Neji dies for Naruto and hinata... Vegeta attempts to beat buu... Goku dies by instant transmissioning cell Read Note
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Houyi Flamevell Destiny Dragon #Sacrifice The most Sacrifice I've ever saved in one word. For the world  Read Note
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MASKEDKing #Sacrifice 
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Izaya Orihara #Sacrifice The queen of sacrifices Read Note


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