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Show off your scariest Halloween outfit!

At Halloween time, otaku like us don’t go party and drink. But what if there is an anime con that you really want to join? Guess you may fancy some awesome horrific outfits!

Elly has a few suggestions. Vote your favorite one and hit the road in it on Halloween! None of them is your cup of tea? You are welcome to post a style in NOTE! 

Elly Official QooApp #SPOOKY Happy Halloween Master!
I have been choosing my Halloween outfit. Should I dress up as a cute wizard? Or a sexy witch like Bayonetta? Hmm I can’t really decide!!
Master, what are you going to wear on Halloween? DON’T THINK TOO MUCH...I am not going to wear a matching costume *blush*...People may mistake us for a couple...
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Which spooky character will you be on Halloween?

Expiry Date: 2018-11-06 00:00 Select One Total Votes: 2005

  • Ainz - Overlord

  • True Assassin - Fate

  • Ryuk - Death Note

  • Zombie Idols - ZombieLand SAGA

  • Ai - Hell Girl

  • Mine is more horrific. Check out my note!

Vote Ended
Khoi Nguyen #SPOOKY scared yet? Read Note
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Ask Me #SPOOKY  Read Note
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prewade #SPOOKY  Read Note
prewade #SPOOKY  Read Note
NReaper #SPOOKY  Read Note
MashPot360 #SPOOKY 😱😱 Read Note
ケヴィン レイエス #SPOOKY when u get the true ending [Bloodborne] Read Note
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midoriyachibi #SPOOKY  Read Note
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kaori_komi β·Mission Exterminator #SPOOKY Asakura Ryouko for sure!  Read Note
rinnasakura #SPOOKY  Read Note
Elly Official QooApp Hi Master! This is Elly! 
We have been preparing for Halloween since last week! Beside a Halloween game column on our app’s “Featured” page, we also had a #AnimeDeath poll that got everyone in the mood. 
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tyrilanel Happy Halloween he said (; ゚Д゚)σ #SPOOKY  Read Note
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Zaky Samdya #SPOOKY spooky because big size game Read Note
DIO y Goblin Slayer 
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Draguinor #SPOOKY  Read Note
Izaya Orihara #SPOOKY Swiss cheese  Read Note
FallenOrigin #SPOOKY  Read Note
Anta Baka? #SPOOKY 
cthulhu-style tentacle abigail is a pretty good choice
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