Circle those rhythm games you have played before/ are still playing now!
Elly Official QooApp #Rhythm_Game_Bingo
Bad?! How dare you said my hit is bad and ruined my combo! 

I hit it at the perfect moment! Stupid game! 

Fine, I will play another rhythm game instead!

Let me see… Oh, this “BanG Dream!” game looks good.

Master, have you played this game before?

I am looking for some replacements for rhythm game collection! 
Can you circle those you have played before/ are still playing now for my reference?
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KMilz #Rhythm_Game_Bingo CGSS and Shobafes are my faves, but I actively play Mirishita and i7 too! I still love Maki from Love Live with all my heart but I don't log in too often anymore [耍帥] Read Note
LolIDontKnow #Rhythm_Game_Bingo
Okay, let's do this~!!
Pink - Still Playing.
Blue - Played.
Green - Want to play.
And yes, I have too much free time.
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Kiichan Saeki #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
Blue: played
Pink: still playing 
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Salvatore Corrado #Rhythm_Game_Bingo Help!!! QooApp shows me a strange message when i update bandori and don't updates it so i need help please!! Read Note
XxAkumixX #Rhythm_Game_Bingo I have no life Read Note
nicole red - still playing
blue - dropped
green - want to play
++ ensmusic and hypmic arb are my favorite ones but they're not here and bpro's already out of order ╥﹏╥
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InvyEmil #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
With Tonesphere, Tapsonic TOP, Phigros
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Sasa_MSG #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
GREEN - have played
RED - still playing
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OtakuKarin_cHAn #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
Green - Still Playing
Orange - Would like to play
Other Game(s) that i've played that aren't on the list:
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мᴀʀɢᴀʀᴇт ᴋᴜʀᴇɴᴀɪ #Rhythm_Game_Bingo
Black - don't want play anytime
Purple - still play now
Orange - want to play 
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Tsukishima gisa #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
ily rhythm games
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레트팔 #Rhythm_Game_Bingo (ノ^_^)ノ Read Note
zuri #Rhythm_Game_Bingo  Read Note
ririhee #Rhythm_Game_Bingo Bingo!! Read Note
Omiria #Rhythm_Game_Bingo  Read Note
kel costa #Rhythm_Game_Bingo i've also played band yarouze and star revolution but they're not here Read Note
ksiacarv #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
Besides i7 I also play Tenirabi Rising Beat that isn't in the chart 😫
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Rina's Marker #Rhythm_Game_Bingo //UwU//❤❤❤ Read Note
shinobuhu #Rhythm_Game_Bingo 
we got em
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chiro the muffin uwu #Rhythm_Game_Bingo idk how to do it but i circle love live, bandori, and utano☆princesama. ryo is still husbando[開心] Read Note
Lisard #Rhythm_Game_Bingo  Read Note


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