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lol no Daily Obscure/Underrated Anime Recommendations number one this anime is recommended for older audiences, not for those easily triggered or sensitive 
Red Garden (Show info: The plot revolves around four girls who become involved in a series of supernatural murders happening throughout the vicinity of a fictional depiction of New York City. )
(Genre: Psychological horror; Supernatural horror; Supernatural thriller; Mystery; Drama)
(Released 2006, 22 episodes + 1 OVA)
(Notes: The characters sing in this show at a few points like It's a musical. Not all the time like a Disney film but it caught me off guard lmao)
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TOPH Genshin Impact Zhongli and Childe
Both are filtered by me
Official Art
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Miyu Art🎨 Nishikino Maki from Love Live! School Idol Project Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Mey-Rin or Meirin from Kuroshitsuji Read Note
Miyu Collection📚 Underwater🌊 Read Note
Miyu Collection📚 Autumn/Fall🍁🍂 Read Note
Miyu Collection📚 Watermelon🍉 Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Morgiana from Magi Series Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Shoto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Nezuko Kamado from Kimetsu no Yaiba Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Takumi Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama Read Note
Miyu Art🎨 Nakahara Chuuya from Bungo Stray Dogs Read Note
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