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Which old anime from the 90s and the 80s do you want a remake? Vote now in Elly’s note!

Elly Official QooApp #REMAKE Recently Japanese netizens had a poll on the top 60 anime from the 90s that they want a remake. 
The top 1 is one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s most popular series and the most classic basketball anime in history - Slam Dunk!
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Which old anime from the 90s and the 80s do you want a remake?

Expiry Date: 2019-01-22 23:59 Select One Total Votes: 1290

  • Dragon Ball

  • Rurouni Kenshin

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Slam Dunk

  • I have other ideas! See my note!

Vote Ended
kimberly stewart Katekyo Hitman REBORN! REVIEW In 2022?! Check it out! Leave a comment, like and possibly a subscribe 😉 #KatekyoHitmanREBORN #KHR #Manga #Anime #YouTube #REMAKE #Anime_Reboot Read Note
Mohamed Bibo #REMAKE yu yu hakoshu Read Note
Fouad Nisar #REMAKE i think the best remake should be for plawress sanshiro jumaru  Read Note
Zoru Pines #REMAKE Ojamajo Doremi ,Akazukin Chacha[開心] Read Note
NontakanThongleng #REMAKE Inuyasha Read Note
kay suke #REMAKE MegamanX😍 Read Note
TogaHimiko #REMAKE Not really 80's or 90's but early 2000's, hitman reborn Read Note
Zyo #REMAKE Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
The character designs might've been great but the fight scene animations weren't very dynamic. 
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Au Ah Gelap #REMAKE Slam Dunk and The Song of Tentomushi (´◉‿◉`) Read Note
Rozi Sepno Harpal #REMAKE slam dunk Read Note
Heat kingdom #REMAKE yu yu hakusho and shaman king that's all I need!!! Read Note
Felipe Adolfo Aparecido Fidencio Fidencio #REMAKE Rurouni Kenshi, Hokuto no ken, InuYasha[哇噻][色色][鬼臉]  Read Note
Kairisen #REMAKE Destiny of Shrine Maiden  Read Note
諭吉福沢 #REMAKE Pet shop of horrors.
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Ed Marquez #REMAKE Shaman king Read Note
IshigamiYuu #REMAKE Ninku, trouble chocolate and Pls add more Legendary Hero Ramunes  Read Note
Nicolas Fennell #REMAKE Ruroni Kenshin Read Note
Anime Conception #REMAKE Yu Yu hakusho Read Note
Felix Avila #REMAKE Este si se lo merece Read Note
Momo Senane #REMAKE slam dunk, yuyu hakusho and Aoki densetsu shoot Read Note
Pongsatond Trechinapong #REMAKE Wedding peach Read Note
Nightmare054 #REMAKE law of ueki ofc Read Note
Kornelius Dan #REMAKE please Remake BECK MONGOLIAN CHOP SQUAD !! Read Note
Victoria Contreras #REMAKE aku no hana please hate with all my soul the animation they used  Read Note
Ngurah Pradipta #REMAKE please remake yu yu hakusho, samurai x ,slam dunk, yugi oh ,,miss 90' anime Read Note
Ninjao KonohamarU #REMAKE yuu yuu hakusho  Read Note
YRZY #REMAKE Konjiki no gash bell i want yo see Faudo arc well aadapteand ii ant to see the final arc as well  Read Note
ハルエゴ ルジコ #REMAKE yuyu hakusho remake please or open an another arc Read Note
Dafnenitas #REMAKE Martian Successor Nadesico and have Gai Daigoji live instead of die! 💪 Read Note
Andy Christian #REMAKE Choujuushi Gravion Read Note
Wanda #REMAKE petshop of horrors 
It is a beautiful manga! I want to see in it a more HD resolution anime and with new voice actors!
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Duncan #REMAKE the chobits animation and make it a happier ending Read Note
Boris #REMAKE Evangelion Read Note
Sivakumar Muthusamy #REMAKE lucky man.  Read Note
Federico O. #REMAKE Record of Lodoss war semplicemente fantastico  Read Note
Admiral Sakazuki #REMAKE evangelion or cowboy bebop Read Note
Tommaso Pratesi #REMAKE Kenshiro 2nd season (demons Island)  Read Note
Remake the 2016-2017 [發困]
Cause Miura is on the idolm@ster crusade again
And the community doesn't have anything to talk anymore
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Giaina Julian #REMAKE Sailor Moon Read Note


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