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[12/30 Update] The event has finished, thank you for your participation. The Gacha Tickets are sent to the otaQoos who shared their creations. Enjoy your rolls!

Mr. Qoo is planning to ride on a sleigh and deliver gifts to otaQoos on Christmas!
What do you think his costume would look like and what present would you get from him?
Draw them out using your imagination and share with us by adding the hashtag #QooSanta to get QooApp Gacha Tickets*15!
Event Period: 12/23~12/30 14:00 (GMT+8)
Gilbert Official QooApp [12/30 Update] The event has finished, thank you for your participation. The Gacha Tickets are sent to the otaQoos who shared their creations. Enjoy your rolls!
My dear ladies and masters, it’s Christmas time this weekend. What are you planning to do?
I heard Mr. Qoo wants to go out and send gifts on a sleigh, but he still hasn’t decided what to wear and what the gifts are.
How about giving him some ideas with your imagination?
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-- Mr Qoo became a christmas tree! This challenge is very funny and I enjoyed making this edit. [開心][開心]#QooSanta #Qoosanta Read Note
Grimmori #QooSanta Read Note
RenaiCircularMotio All I want for christmas is... #QooSanta
I see some enstarries doing these, so I will do it as well. (Also guess what I referenced for Mr Qoo's costume)
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ssrMika Moderator #QooSanta is not holding my present. #QooSanta is my present Read Note
grey #QooSanta Read Note
Amber Dinicola #QooSanta cant wait for 2022! Read Note
MIRIBOI #QooSanta I would love some rezero figures Read Note
OokOokEek Christmas Eve! hmm? the gift i want? i want giant takoyaki!

what do you mean takoyaki is not for christmas gift?? it's the giant, special one! everybody would rejoice over a delicious giant takoyaki, right?
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SayuriAce wishing better gacha drops 😢 #QOOSANTA
This year's gacha rolls is giving me Aragami Oga gacha flashbacks.
Hoping QooSanta's gift would give me a little more luck in the near future. ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)
(P.S. It's been 2 years now since I started playing, why is it that I still don't have 4☆ or 5☆ Nagisa and Makoto???)
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Rokuro Osakabe #QooSanta #Cringe #SorryMrQoo Sorry for my Paint.. I drew it drunk, with a computer mouse... Merry Xmas! Read Note
Ichi San ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS... #QooSanta #FGO #Gilgamesh
On a cute winter date with Mr.Qoo, you see Gilgamesh figurines in the local Animate store. 
"I really want that," You think wistfully, as you stare sadly into the shop window.
"What are you looking at?" Mr. Qoo leans towards you, his fluffy muffler brushing against your cheeks. "See anything you like?" His adorable outfit's keychains jangle within the cold air.
"One day I'd like to acquire a Gilgamesh memento...." You sighed....
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ryuu Merry Christmas MrQoo and Team #QooSanta 
I don't particularly want anything...
I am just gonna wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!!!
Here's a small art I tried
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YvonneLim Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️ #QooSanta  Read Note
eli 23 I try my best #QooSanta  Read Note
Inumaki_t0gę like this🥺 #QooSanta  Read Note
BabushkaFloppa we do a little trolling #QooSanta  Read Note
Agus Setiawan QooSanta!? #QooSanta Read Note
Tectona #QooSanta  Read Note
Poppy-chan all i want is gacha luck #QooSanta 
All I want is gacha luck for my precious sweet baby boys that i couldn't get 💕 Hope they'll come home soon [微笑]
Merry Christmas
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Jeffrey007 #QooSanta  Read Note
Fleeting #QooSanta  Read Note
Mikuto : #QooSanta Read Note
Vohog Dear QooSants,give me new pc #QooSanta  Read Note
Voidoll #QooSanta participation!!! Mr. Qoonigiri?!!!  Read Note
Masaru Hiro Blue Qnowman #QooSanta
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itsjeanne #QooSanta
i know, its bad😆
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jojorian #QooSanta Read Note
Yuzuki #QooSanta  Read Note
Firman Uddin #QooSanta  Read Note
Sen #QooSanta  Read Note
Kurai Hiiro #QooSanta  Read Note
Gamer Rin all i want for Christmas is Mao Isara 5* 
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Rie Ichinose QooSantaNeverGonnaGiveYouUp #QooSanta  Read Note
Buri Leather Qoo #QooSanta  Read Note
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