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Detective Elly is looking for suspects with pink hair, can a top-tier bounty hunter like you find these suspects? 

[👮‍♀️Claim Your Reward Here] ▶March Tasks◀

[👮‍♀️Participation Period] 2023.3.24 ~ 3.31 15:59 (GMT+8) / 01:59 (CST) / 08:59 (CET)

Elly Official QooApp 👮‍♀️March Limited Tasks👮‍♀️Bring us the suspects and get Gacha Tickets! Achoo!... I am detective Elly, we suspect the anime characters with pink hair are spreading Hay Fever germs, do you know anyone with pink hair color? 
Hand them in by posting a note with the #QooPointsBulletin , and claim your Gacha Ticket*10 bounty!
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Senika Rudeline im notingg #QooPointsBulletin noting....noting Read Note
Yuki #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
ㅍㅊㅍRana #QooPointsBulletin OK  Read Note
ㅍㅊㅍRana #QooPointsBulletin ㅎㅎㅎ  Read Note
zin yay #QooPointsBulletin hwjdjajjsjajsje Read Note
Yuki000 #QooPointsBulletin 
ah... idk
Read Note
kaydenliz #QooPointsBulletin it was enchanting to meet you Read Note
kaydenliz #QooPointsBulletin hey so this is me praying that this was the very first page Read Note
Priya Subba hello~ #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
MX Ace #QooPointsBulletin farm it ip Read Note
HizenAzukiez #QooPointsBulletin the only pink haired that comes to my mind Read Note
Rey_Xlll #QooPointsBulletin ooooo [為什麼] Read Note
Iwatani Naofumi yahloooo~ #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
Zura #QooPointsBulletin cat Read Note
Citra Zaoldyeck ewwww pink haired #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
mirricc #QooPointsBulletin aa Read Note
mirricc #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
Crow uhh... feel free to ignore #QooPointsBulletin I thought I did this already... Oh well.
Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew
Read Note
Saturn #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
thekyuuk this bitch/j #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
Minerva Puranen For Gacha Tickets I know it's more salmon but that's just a subtype of pink ok
Name: Tamade Chiyu, alias Chu^2
Origin: BanG Dream: Girls Band Party!
Details: Producer and DJ of RAISE A SUILEN. Often seen with her maid and bandmate PAREO. Almost always wears her cat-like headphones.
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IdrinkBleach69 #QooPointsBulletin Stan Sanzu Read Note
Lulu Moon #QooPointsBulletin your honor I believe I found the culprit! Read Note
Dumdy Pink Hair #QooPointsBulletin My favourite pink hair character is Guardian Tales Gabriel Read Note
Christian Sales Vasquez #QooPointsBulletin 
crazy games
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geodeee #QooPointsBulletin yayyy Read Note
Rhine #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
miya #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note


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