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What’s Lantern Festival without lanterns, I hope your future will be as bright as the lanterns!✨

Tell us which lantern you took in the comment section and get Gacha ticket*10~

【Claim Your Reward Here】▶Valentine’s Day Tasks◀

Participation Period2023.2.3 ~ 2.10 15:59 (GMT+8)

Elly Official QooApp 🏮Feb Limited Tasks🏮Comment the lantern you took and get Gacha ticket*10! I accidentally bought too many lanterns after I heard that they can bring good luck[委屈]
To avoid them being wasted, everyone will get a Qoo lantern!
Tell us which lantern you took in the comment section and get Gacha ticket*10~
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Basil Max Out Defense Anya Lantern
Read Note
Miiqakee max out defense golden latern #QooLanternGiveaway  Read Note
SakuraSeele weird..... #QooLanternGiveaway to heavy to lift will-o-the-wisp
will-o-the-wisp can be lifted lol?
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KYM ummm #QooLanternGiveaway 
to heavy to lift; will-o'-the-wisp
uh... what us this this! [為什麼]
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reydayo #QooLanternGiveaway 
Shapeshifting Pochita
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Captain Cuddles #QooLanternGiveaway
slime lanturn 
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Viqho Satrianova Aldilla #QooLanternGiveaway 
Bless by Kitty Pochita
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Juán Fraire Max Out Defense Slime Lantern #QooLanternGiveaway  Read Note
ВиталийБуренков #QooLanternGiveaway
Too Heavy To Lift Kitty Lantern😎
Read Note
ItNocturne ok #QooLanternGiveaway  Read Note
Joshua W Telepathed Pochita #QooLanternGiveaway  Read Note
innolux light #QooLanternGiveaway Burn in fire Anya Lantern Read Note
Asiameme #QooLanternGiveaway 
Too Heavy to lift Gun Lantern 😭
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Magical Universe #QooLanternGiveaway 
Castaway Bad Luck Slime Lantern
Read Note
Deleted User Mine is #QooLanternGiveaway "Max out defense Gun lantern" 🏮 Read Note
Kingwalsin #QooLanternGiveaway 
Bless by Kitty Kitty Lantern
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Itsdyb #QooLanternGiveaway  Read Note
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