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The top 3 Gacha Pools has already returned! Don't forget to Gacha!🎊
Ran out of Gacha Tickets? Show off Gacha results with #QooGacha to get another Gacha Tickets*50!
Show Off Period: 7/29~8/31 18:00
Elly Official QooApp Winners of Limited Revivial Gacha Pool are here! Chances to get more Tickets! The top 3 Gacha pool are already return:
 Vtuber Collab Pool Vol.3
 Blue Archive
 The 6 years of QooApp
Also, the CG of Birthday Party this year is added in "The 6 years of QooApp" Gatcha pool, come get it!
 Ran out of Gacha tickets? Show off Gacha results with #QooAppGacha to get another Gacha tickets*50
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Elly Official QooApp [7/21~7/28] Vote for your most wanted Gacha Pool for August! Vote for the Gacha your heart desires, the top 3 will return in August!
In the meanwhile, Gacha Tickets*25 will be gifted if you like this note, so don't forget to leave a like after you vote~
Can't remember the previous Gacha Pools? Elly prepared their SSR for your reference( •̀ ω •́ )✧
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Which Gacha Pool do you want the most?

Expiry Date: 2022-07-28 14:00 Select One Total Votes: 4714

  • Vtuber Collab Pool Vol.3

  • Gaming Golden Week

  • Happy April Fools' 2022

  • White Day: Sweet Romance

  • New Year & Valentine's Pool

  • New Year SSR Pool (2022)

  • Blue Archive

  • JP Vtuber Collab Pool

  • Vtuber Collab Pool

  • Summer Collection 2021 Late Summer

  • Summer Collection 2021 Midsummer

  • Speaking of Summer...

  • Guess what I've got for you?

  • Happy April Fools 2021

  • Did You Drop a Red Envelope or a Waifu?

  • Holy Night With You

  • Trick or Treat? I Want Both!

  • Artist Originals! - Daily Chapter -

  • Summer Collection 2020

  • Artist Originals! - Magic Chapter -

  • Ga$=cha��¿#っぃ%�Exception

  • Lunar New Year SSR Pool

  • Halloween Cosplay Party

  • Summer Collection Vol.4

  • Summer Collection Vol.3

  • Summer Collection Vol.2

  • Summer Collection Vol.1

  • The 6 years of QooApp

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MrCookie #QooAppGacha  Read Note
MrCookie #QooAppGacha  Read Note
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Supreme Succ #QooAppGacha lol Read Note
Razan Adabi #QooAppGacha 
gacha every day :v
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Rain Samanosuke やったぜェ #QooAppGacha  Read Note
korone noises owo #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Noval Yudistira #QooAppGacha yoi mantul Read Note
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MammellOne ✔✝ #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Mz #QooAppGacha  Read Note
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Q User78191756 aaaa #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Natane Seuji 💕 #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Chocokorone #QooAppGacha 
yo bday
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Otaku Ryuu #QooAppGacha Hoep my gacha luck improves [大哭][賣萌] Read Note
PolynAzn gacha4lyfe #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Camal Mehdadi #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Naoki Kun Event #QooAppGacha well just joining the event lol[開心] Read Note
Andrea Terry Ruberti gguj #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Bell hi #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Leyland Davies #QooAppGacha hello Read Note
Yukimin #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Ryn 🐄 ciyailah #QooAppGacha  Read Note
Ke11eth :D #QooAppGacha [發怒] Read Note
yumisyumiql #QooAppGacha nice Read Note
Axel Vega HPBD QOOAPP #QooAppGacha  Read Note


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