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Mr. Qoo's birthday party has attracted so many OtaQoos around the globe! Mr. Qoo said that his last birthday wish is to see your QooAge!
Take a screenshot of your Guild Card and post a note with the hashtag #QooAge_Challenge before August 31 at 18:00 (GMT+8), you will get rewarded for 25x Gacha Tickets!
Mr. Qoo Official QooApp Update: The Gacha Tickets are sent to all eligible otaQoos! Enjoy your rolls and I hope you collect all SSRs! [懵懂]
Hello, my OtaQoo friends! It has been a wonderful birthday party so far, hasn’t it? 
Now, I’m going to challenge you with your QooAge! 
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blazejszurgut #QooAge_Challenge 29thOctober1980_beat_that:) Read Note
Shirasaka did i late? hope not :D #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
DENTED AVOCADO i am but a babe super happy to be here tho
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Shut the fuck off!!! Happy birthday Mr. QooApp!!! #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Tzago #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Angus #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Serene Toh Game Hunter #QooAge_Challenge 
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EliR ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Cella #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Lo Core Noiceee #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
ryuu wow its been 3 years #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Basil #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Nem35ys Challenge accepted #QooAge_Challenge Read Note
grass #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Casie #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
AraAra #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
violet 🌸 #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
Sin 😊😊😊 #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note


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