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鼠尾蛆 Art by ttosom on pixiv 🛐 #Art #Anime #Pixiv #Purple
Artist: ttosom
Check out the artist's other works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/6203904
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TOPH Genshin Impact Ei
Filtered by me
zerotabi1210 on twitter
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TOPH Ei and Makoto Matching Icon Filtered by me
Like when you're going to use it
credits/Art by: x913725x on Twitter
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Watch & Learn - Hollow Purple #Watch&Learn #Learning_Japanese #Anime #JujutsuKaisen #GojoSatoru #Purple
Howdy, my fellow otaQoos! So I'm thinking about starting a new series of notes called Watch & Learn. Since we're going to spend some time watching animes, why not learn something from them? Let's start with something simple and see how it goes. 
Today's topic "Color" was depicted in the series Jujutsu Kaisen, the devastating move "Hollow Purple" by Gojo Satoru.
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Miyu Art🎨 Chitanda Eru from Hyouka Read Note
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