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On 18 July 2019 around 10:30 (GMT+9) , an arsonist set the Kyoto Animation studio on fire, causing dozen of injuries and deaths.

The Kyoto Animation is one of the best animation studio undoubtedly and their contribution to the anime industry is beyond calculation.

We pray for the best for the victims and hope for the their recovery.

Please leave comments/notes to show your support. #PrayForKyoani

AsanMahayi always support every Japan. #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Seiko #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Thats A random Weeb #PrayForKyoani I just figured out what happened today. on the 18th of July[大哭][大哭][大哭] rest in piece 36 angels Read Note
Jaqueline Silva Bernardo luluca0908 #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Daniel Dwanye Since Air,Kanon and Kanon 2006 #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
WATERLATICE2 It is realy sad😭😢 #PrayForKyoani Read Note
qaz_qwertt pray for kyoto animation #PrayForKyoani 
May God protect them and give them strength to raise and to produce more animation products, keep strong
Read Note
Ziana Mea #PrayForKyoani 😘😘😘😘 Read Note
Muhammad Ihsan Aslam #PrayForKyoani Red Light Green Light Challenge
Read Note play.google.com Red Light Green Light - Apps on Google Play Red Light Green Light Challenge for you, Red Light Challenge Run On Green Light
AoiYukimura Nya~~ #PrayForKyoani 
Honestly.. i dont know what happened
but everyone seems sad, so... (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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Yuki_19 #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
PeriDoGaming Free 500 Robux For All #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
ariel anosa #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Basil #PrayForKyoani 
I hope there will be no incident like this again 🙏
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josh brock #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Queen亗 #PrayForKyoani [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
Natzuuuu #PrayForKyoani udh setahun lebih hadeh masih terasa sad aja semoga kyoanimation bisa bangkit lagi ~ Read Note
Otaku Related News Trendsetting Wizard [KyoAni Arsonist Said Tsurune Copied His Novel] Investigators recently released new details about the KyoAni arsonist Shinji Aoba. Apparently Aoba submitted his "high school-life" novel to KyoAni during the studio's submission event back in 2017 but was rejected. After Kotoko Ayano's novel Tsurune got animated by KyoAni, Aoba found an anime scene that resembled to a scene of his novel. He believed the studio stole his idea and decided to commit the most notorious crime in anime history. 
Investigators who read Aoba's novel said the arsonist's accusation was an utter imagination. The scene Aoba' referred to was, as investigators described, a typical school setting that appeared in every school anime. 
My opinion: Aoba is just mad that his novel got rejected by KyoAni. He sought revenge but hurt dozens of talented souls. Making such an accusation against KyoAni is a sad excuse. 
Read Note
Pipie The studio that worked hard to capture the true intent that the manga wanted to portray and translate that into a beautiful and meaningful animation. I will always watch Koe No Katachi no matter how old I will get because it will always recapture my heart.
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Etsu~io #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Pearl Sea #PrayForKyoani 
Read Note
cursedcat #PrayForKyoani 
the murderer is caught
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Kurogaga #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
amier aluvs #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Harry Utomo #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Hntrynyhhytjy Game Hunter #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
Chloe Tiu #PrayForKyoani [為什麼] Read Note


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