On 18 July 2019 around 10:30 (GMT+9) , an arsonist set the Kyoto Animation studio on fire, causing dozen of injuries and deaths.

The Kyoto Animation is one of the best animation studio undoubtedly and their contribution to the anime industry is beyond calculation.

We pray for the best for the victims and hope for the their recovery.

Please leave comments/notes to show your support. #PrayForKyoani

swaggy otaku #PrayForKyoani May the souls of those who died rest peacefully. And may the one who survives heal both physically, emotionally and mentally. And the prick who did this horrible thing burn in the depths of hell. Read Note
M'ss You ฝันดี ( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )#PrayForKyoani Read Note
BootyMaster #PrayForKyoani Late to the funeral Read Note
Will O #PrayForKyoani 🙏 Read Note
Gumi Mahiro #PrayForKyoani
Guys, you must support KyoAni. Judging from its current state, I can't even imagine the fear and despair Kyoto Animation and their families must overcome right now. They're nowhere near financial recovery and even lost those that can't be bought with money. This is just to much to take. Anyone who thinks it's ok to burn down a building or even joke about it only think of themselves, the worst villains. Read Note
Tô Ka #PrayForKyoani Read Note
Soulzrel R.I.P KyoAni.
#prayforkyoani Read Note
707 No #PrayForKyoani Read Note
Light~ #PrayForKyoani Read Note
Harlov #PrayForKyoani [大哭] Read Note


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