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AlubisKun Top Contributor We Need This At The Olympics #SportsStars #Pokemon #Pikachu #Eevee
I have no idea why this video popped out in my recommendations on YouTube but I wish they had this at the Olympics during breaks [鬼臉][鬼臉]
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AlubisKun Top Contributor I Hope I Had This Perseverance... Look at Pikachu, and look at my belly. 15 years of losing weight, sigh... I choose to keep eating (num num [鬼臉]
#Pikachu #Pokemon #Imfat
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Anta Baka? Pikachu Soft Candies This is just adorable. Hope I will find it in my local 7 eleven. Not going to save the package but it's just pleasurable to look at it and eat soft candies in #Pikachu shape (that sounds so wrong tho).
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Otaku Related News Trendsetting Wizard [Please help this Pikachu!] I think he is suffering from suffocation!
#Pokemon #Pikachu
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Otaku Related News Trendsetting Wizard [Please stop right here, I need to check you temperature.]
Does anyone know Pikachu's normal temperature? #Pikachu #Pokemon
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