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Looking at the games with the most downloads, highest ratings, and most reviews/comments, we have selected 13 games that have shined the brightest this year. Is your favorite game listed? The most popular game will receive the prestigious tag of “#QooAppGameof2020 ” and “#OtaQooFavorite ”! Cast your vote today! 
(You’re favorite game not listed? Nominate it! Just remember it has to be a game from 2020)
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Game of 2020: (Remember to come back on 25th Dec to see the results!)

Expiry Date: 2020-12-25 18:00 Select One Total Votes: 17729

  • Genshin Impact

  • Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

  • Star Smash

  • D4DJ Groovy Mix

  • Re:Zero Lost in Memories

  • Project Sekai Colorful Stage

  • Touhou LostWorld

  • Hypnosis Mic: Alternative Rap Battle

  • Disney Twisted Wonderland

  • Ensemble Stars!! Music

  • KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift

  • Fate/Grand Order Waltz

  • Other (Please state as a Note)

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