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Are you shipping any couples in games, manga or anime? ❤️

Write your ship on this ema and make a wish with the spell #OshiKapu, bless the couple and get "Gacha Ticket*10"!

sofia #OshiKapu THOSE TWO Read Note
FireEevee Mage #OshiKapu My favorite ship... uh... I have several, but my most recent has to be Bocchi x Nijika ngl. Read Note
Koralynne #OshiKapu Asuka x Rei Read Note
Hinata Honkai Impact 3 #OshiKapu Kiana and Mei (my babies) [開心][開心][開心] Read Note
E-Aria Me with the ship from small indie game that no one but me cares about #OshiKapu
Anyways. Molliver. I think they should hold hands and kiss. 
Read Note
kairi chan #OshiKapu ichihona the cuties ♡ Read Note
Gabriel Gomez #OshiKapu natsu lucy come on Read Note
Ellie #OshiKapu 
Read Note
Ria Chilumi, Xiaolumi and Scaralumi! 💕 Read Note
k0dzuken #OshiKapu there's fr sm more but these r some of my favorite favorite ships Read Note
Viddle Viddle (Vil x Riddle) always!!! #OshiKapu 
Vil and Riddle were made for each other!!
👑 ❤️ 🌹
Read Note
beninori__ my 3 fav ships aka the best ships ever (real) #OshiKapu i hope they explode  Read Note
Tzago #OshiKapu Mizuki Tsujimura x Yukito Ayatsuji 👀
Both platonically and romantically.
Read Note
JenniferYew hu tao x xiao forever (huxao/xiaotao) (≡^∇^≡) #OshiKapu  Read Note
ItsukiSakura Tomo and Jun its canon. #OshiKapu  Read Note
Xaiphon Mikayuu #OshiKapu 
I just want them to be happy man, they should have run away together 
Read Note
Ella McGrath #OshiKapu  Read Note
Mai #OshiKapu 
Dancae (Dan Heng x Caelus) and Xiaother (Xiao x Aether)
💚🧡 🖤💛
Read Note
Ragnarr Lodbrok Love me knight #OshiKapu Yakko - Go Read Note
ryunok #OshiKapu renheng, jingheng, joongdok, sherliam, adoara, chiscara, starch, shenlan, hufei‼️‼️ Read Note
Avrilla C.M #OshiKapu Kanamafu, Anhane, Akitoya, Lumity Read Note
★NaaYunaaa I ship them #OshiKapu  Read Note
AtelierNoonie #OshiKapu 
You won't convince me otherwise! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Me x Mirai momoyama from kiratto pri chan!
Me x Shiho kasuga from blue reflection sun!
Read Note
Anoyoo #OshiKapu Ruikasa my little sillies  Read Note
Humairalovinina08 THESE TWO BEAUTIES ARE FREAKING GAY #OshiKapu  Read Note
Lev #OshiKapu THEM Read Note
Sky Grumpy #OshiKapu bless them Read Note
Nikora - san #OshiKapu 
Soukoku 👏
Read Note
SepthisHaru #OshiKapu 
I ship a lot of people. Let me think, my favorites are:
Dan Heng x Caelus
Yuu Jonghyuk x Kim Dokja
Sonny Brisko x Alban Knox
Hop x Bede
So, pretty much everything that's Gay, cause I'm gay I guess I enjoy it the most since I spend most of my time reading BL. So yeah, that's just a few from my pages long of ships I have.
Read Note
MegumiPL #OshiKapu Read Note
Kann.nan_ #OshiKapu Silly Read Note
りこ #Oshikapu
hori and miyamura 🫶
Read Note
TheRevivedGodHater God Hater x Goddess #OshiKapu  Read Note
pirpir lipxlip duo #OshiKapu aizo yuujiro Read Note
sammy tsukino #OshiKapu ace x deuce you cant tell me otherwise😍 Read Note
Yukiko Otaku #OshiKapu  Read Note
Moais On da Island Bruno x Abbacchio #OshiKapu 
they are literally married
Read Note
QUser37231417 #OshiKapu mafuyu asahina x ena shinonome  Read Note
Luna #OshiKapu Emu x Tsukasa Read Note
Owen K.S. #OshiKapu Zanoba x Juliette Read Note


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