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Do you know that 2/22 is Cat Day in Japan? It is because the pronunciation of the number “2” is similar to the sound of a cat, “Nya”, in Japanese! And this year, we have the Japanese cat day, the NyaNyaNyaDay, on 22/2/22! So, there’s not a better time to share with us your favorite cat characters!
an otaku girl Creepycat ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑ᗦ↞◃ #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
Frisk Dreemurr (Frisky) My pick #NyaNyaNyaDay Either Serval or Felix the Trap. Read Note
NaKaSoToMi #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
Majikayo Nyansen #NyaNyaNyaDay 
We offer you, natural cat(sword) boy
Nansen Ichimonji... [開心]
Or as natural tradition.. we would like to call him Nyansen
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Tah0m4 #NyaNyaNyaDay Anya Flomer Read Note
Amooo Sasaki Chomusuke #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
skiplah 2/22/22 #NyaNyaNyaDay Minato Yukinya~
(Not my art)
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Hein Sat #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
shadowhunter_15 #NyaNyaNyaDay idk if Orin will be on the list. But, she still is my favourite cat character
image sauce : https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/95152594
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Unknown Alien #NyaNyaNyaDay 
I would like to take my sit near Kyaru [開心][開心]
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EmmyTheFox Forever in my heart ❤️🐱 #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
John Sky Walker #NyaNyaNyaDay Felix and Felyne are my favorite Read Note
Ningxia #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
Jun Xie #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
Boogie Boy #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
ShaerMi_Nanaotome #NyaNyaNyaDay Seat #5 pleaseee...I want to sit beside Kyo-kun!~^^🐈[賣萌] <3 <3 <3  Read Note
John Jones #NyaNyaNyaDay JIBANYAN! Read Note
kurokaytsu #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor Nyaaaa! #NyaNyaNyaDay #CatDay #A_day_in_the_world
Yuuuup, today is 2/22, the Cat Day in Japan because it sounds like NyaNyaNya, how the cats meow! It's a good thing that QooApp has a Cat Cafe opening this week. I'm gonna sit at the second row from the back and invite catshark Gura to sit next to me [色色][色色]
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Welp San 🐈 😻 🐈‍⬛ 😺 🐱 😸 🐈 😻 🐈‍⬛ #NyaNyaNyaDay  Read Note
Justin MMOs #NyaNyaNyaDay 
I would like to sit here thank you very much 
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ryuu NyaNya #NyaNyaNyaDay 
I dont care about other places but i wont give these seats..
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