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It has been two weeks since New Year’s Eve of 2022. Have all otaQoos made a new year wish already? If not, why don’t you let your mind go wild for a minute and try this fun game in NewYearFantasy!? Give it a shot and see what you’re going to do with whom and where in your dream! 
Elly Official QooApp #NewYearFantasy
Master, I dreamed of myself singing and dancing on the stage with Makoto Yuuki from Trickstar last night!
Awww he was so cute and such a gentleman to be around together that I didn’t want to wake up in the morning!
Speaking of dreaming, I have a fun game here for you. 
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Ichi San SEIBAH-!!!! Playing LOL with SEIBA in a landfill. 
Yes, you know just as she devours my entire lunch whilst simultaneously kicking my backside into oblivion on LOL as i cry
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Basil Dating Hatsune Miku in my room #NewYearFantasy 
Artist: Rella
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Yudha Perwira igot punching pikachu on tv #NewYearFantasy  Read Note
gHostie D-Dating Miku on the classroom #NewYearFantasy I-I'm dreaming...right? Read Note
Welp San Saiko no Fantasy!!! #NewYearFantasy 
Kissing Saber in the rain 😍
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Matthew Bare #NewYearFantasy Dating Kirby under the sea. interesting... Read Note
Moo #NewYearFantasy 
Kissing hatsune miku on a beach[怪笑][鬼臉]
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Dis guy vids Thank God #NewYearFantasy didn't see it was third last digjt of phone number, thank ggod because I don't need league in the new year. Kissing Rem under the see, quite romantic ❤️ Read Note
ChocoCornetRimi #NewYearFantasy so Gojo is a mermai- I mean merman now [鬼臉]  Read Note
Mohd Zack #NewYearFantasy dancing with nezuko on the TV the dream Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor A Weird Combo #NewYearFantasy #OnePunchMan #Saitama #Beach
So my new year fantasy of 2022 will be screaming like Saitama on a beach? [為什麼] That's an intriguing combination. I just can't imagine why would I scream on a beach [汗顏][汗顏] I hope it's not because of a shark or a sea snake [憋屈][憋屈]
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Dr.Shiro #NewYearFantasy
Cosplaying Saber In A Classroom!!!
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Nguyễn Trọng #NewYearFantasy 
shopping with pikachu in my room?
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M M Whst the heck? #NewYearFantasy 
Cosplaying Rem on the moon? how??
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Len Hino #NewYearFantasy 
dancing with Kirby in your room
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Terorick WTF #NewYearFantasy 
Drinking with Pikachu on a beach
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Masaru Hiro What is the meaning of lol? #newyearfantasy Read Note
ryuu Oh boy #NewYearFantasy 
i will be...
Cosplaying as Saitama in a Landfill
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Mint #NewYearFantasy 
Punching Saber in the rain 🙈
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Sant #NewYearFantasy 
Shopping with Saber in my room?
I'll take it
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Elyse Tan hmmmmmmm #NewYearFantasy  Read Note
KYM Who's Kirby!? #NewYearFantasy 
What I got => Dating Kirby in the rain ( ˙ㅿ˙ )
lol who is he? ٩(๑>∀<๑)۶
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Slyph #NewYearFantasy YES... KISSING REM UNDER THE RAIN (REM DA BEST)  Read Note
Ananta Pramudya #NewYearFantasy Cosplaying Hatsune Miku Under the Sea
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Kira_Yoshikage here's what i got. #NewYearFantasy Drinking with Nezuko in a landfill...? [難過] Read Note
Dragoequites #NewYearFantasy Dating Hatsune Miku on a beach Read Note
kevin rice #NewYearFantasy 
Dancing with Saber in a desert
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Peter Wang #NewYearFantasy
Dating Rem on a Beach 😉
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Kejususu #NewYearFantasy kissing hatsune miku under the sea [哇噻][色色][開心] Read Note
Segumi Punching Saitama Under the Sea #QooApp #Segumi #HappyNewYear2022 #NewYearFantasy Read Note
Akulah Orangnya 2022 New Year's Fantasy #NewYearFantasy 
Hmm, 775
Wait, what the... 
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INONG #NewYearFantasy cosplaying Kirby on the TV 😅😅 Read Note
Kirito Kazuto Meme Lord kissing Hatsune Miku on a beach
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SakuraSeele Dance Dance #NewYearFantasy 
Dancing with kirby in my room is what i got
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Serene Toh Game Hunter :p #NewYearFantasy
i got "Kissing Cloud strife under the sea"! 
wow! i dont mind. i would like that lol! [開心]
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Mayuri #NewYearFantasy 
eh... Punching Nezuko in a dungeon... help
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Daisy Rann #NewYearFantasy 
Dancing with nezuko in my bedroom 
nezoku so kawaii (*≧∀≦*)
and I smell thunder burning in jealousy here ehehehe
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マル Playing LOL with Kirby in a Dungeon ( ̄︶ ̄)
...and while we're at it, maybe we should call a truce with the monsters in the dungeon and teach them how to play, too [怪笑]
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