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January is the new episode of the year.

Elly wishes everyone best of luck in this new beginning.

Comment any new episodes you're looking forward to and get 77 gacha tickets!

New Task
▶︎ Comment the new episodes you’re looking forward to with the hashtag #NewEpisode
▶︎ 77 Gacha Tickets

Event Period

▶︎ 〜2/2 15:59 UTC+8 / 07:59 UTC / 01:59 CST

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Elly Official QooApp Jan the New Episode. New Year Task Ongoing Hi Master, how are y’all doing?
What does January mean to you? 
Elly thinks January is the new episode of the year ♪(ゝ∇・)σ
So comment which new episodes you are looking forward to and we will send you Gacha Tickets*77 to wish you good luck in our gacha, in your games, and in your real life! 
You can share anything: Anime, Manga, Manhwa, Games, Novels, Netflix drama…just anything you’re looking forward to! 
New Task
▶︎ Comment the new episodes you’re looking forward to with the hashtag #NewEpisode
▶︎ 77 Gacha Tickets
Event Period
▶︎ 〜2/2 15:59 UTC+8 / 07:59 UTC / 01:59 CST
⬇️ Portal to claim your ticket reward ⬇️
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Zedrock #NewEpisode 
Man I am really waiting for the solo levelling series to start, since I have already completed it manhwa long time ago!
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OtaQoo 75658731 #YearOfTheRabbit #NewEpisode #YearOfTheRabbit #NewEpisode Read Note
GD Raning 6th season new trailer #BestAnime #NewEpisode #MyHeroAcademia  Read Note
Xây Giáo sư #NewEpisode i'm glad
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reo #NewEpisode 😂😂 Read Note
grass #NewEpisode im looking foreard to the next episdoe of kubo Read Note
kaede akamatsu #NewEpisode the owl house or csm Read Note
GD Raning #meme#NewEpisode of Read Note
nightmare 1151 #NewEpisode  Read Note
KYM ensemble stars anime??? #NewEpisode 
waiting for Ensemble Stars! element story to be animated, and seeing the oddballs sing the Eccentric Party Night [開心][開心][開心]
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STB #NewEpisode  Read Note
Klaus Wolfe #NewEpisode  Read Note
Doppio #NewEpisode probably Vinland saga  Read Note
おほおほ #NewEpisode  Read Note
Myself #NewEpisode of Dr Stone  Read Note
kyo #NewEpisode  Read Note
Putra Angga #NewEpisode  Read Note
Yee Yek #NewEpisode  Read Note
Dead_empire #NewEpisode  Read Note
Angel Chavez #NewEpisode  Read Note
Nameless #NewEpisode wish my comic in my list get updates~  Read Note
OSheNoKo #NewEpisode  Read Note
鼠尾蛆 #NewEpisode 
I'm excited but also slightly scared for 2023. There aren't any new episodes I look forward to, as I don't watch much stuff.
Art source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/104714214
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HeroAcererSSS Looking forward #NewEpisode By the grace of the gods 2 episode 3 Read Note
ainulonsky #NewEpisode  Read Note
Yume Sekai #NewEpisode let the box opened, yey...  Read Note
BLANKERS Can't wait !!! #NewEpisode im so excited ! Read Note
John Sky Walker #NewEpisode Arknights  Read Note
Wilsen Wirawan #NewEpisode good Read Note
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