Never have I ever…Let’s voted for the one you HAVE DONE before!
Elly Official QooApp #Never_Have_I_Ever
Baka Gilbert!!! How dare you expose my secret in front of Mr.Qoo and Lily!

I promise I will get my revenge in this week’s game!

Why am I so angry? 

Well, I played the game “Never Have I Ever" with the Qoo family yesterday and I lost because of Gilbert!

You want to join too? Then you better practice more before we play together next time!

Here, I will give you some examples, vote for the one you HAVE DONE before! 

I will tell you the result at the end!
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Never have I ever…(voted for the one you HAVE DONE before)

Expiry Date: 2019-10-17 20:00 Select Multiple Total Votes: 4678

  • Dreamt of going on a date with anime characters

  • Read anime fan friction

  • Named self after anime characters

  • Brought anime merch

  • Used anime wallpapers/icons

  • Browsed anime forums weekly

  • Went to anime/maid/bulter cafe

  • Visited anime/game exhibition/expo

  • Designed own anime avatar

  • Installed more than 10 anime related mobile games

  • Recognized voice actors/actresses in an anime

  • Understood anime memes/references

  • Sang anime op/ed in Japanese

  • Imagined self as one of the characters in the favourite anime

  • Watched latest anime episode with in 24 hours

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AMV H #Never_Have_I_Ever hhhhhhh hi Iam knew her but naic to be her  Read Note
CHIKA Miruku #Never_Have_I_Ever nyarlotohotep is my first waifu [哇噻] Read Note
Ky #Never_Have_I_Ever  Read Note
Bananananananananana #Never_Have_I_Ever played a good Bandai Gacha Game  Read Note
Anvasan #Never_Have_I_Ever broken a coconut (si saben a lo que me refiero ewe) Read Note
Steven Orchid #Never_Have_I_Ever 
never have i ever been any less retarded .
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WeeklyHastagMonster #Never_Have_I_Ever 
legit waifu yellow samurai ranger has an infinity gauntlet 
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