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This event will end prior scheduled because the gift packs went out of stock due to overwhelming interest, thank you for your participation!


Show off Christmas minigame score and get a limited gift pack!


Event & Gift Pack Details: Link(Limited 1000 sets, will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Elly Official QooApp 【Event Ended】Goddess of Victory: NIKKE ; Show off minigame score! This event will end prior scheduled because the gift packs went out of stock due to overwhelming interest, thank you for your participation!
I heard someone hit 20000 points, is it possible!? [驚訝]
Show Elly your Christmas minigame score!
Remember to redeem your gift pack afterward
Limited 1000 sets! *Offer is on a first checkout, first served basis.
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Victor Li #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Danzz友 Oke #NIKKEminigame 
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Asiameme :3 #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Amanatsu #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
GuOtaku #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Ignacio Calva Hey there! #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
SmolPP #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Jobbo Wanchana Yayyy #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Briter #NIKKEminigame 
I had reached 20k mark on 3rd day of event on iPad, no screenshot taken though.. Just take this 6.9k mark from my phone. [怪笑]
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Arie Anggara Rambe pewpew #NIKKEminigame im that close to 20k.... Read Note
elrasshy gopier 🤓 #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Roma #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
AppLy #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Vania Yuiki #NiKKEminigame #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Eia Mhara 🦭🎙️ PALETTE COVER OUT NOW I was able to get 20k once #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
ASIANWEEB Not the worst score or best #NIKKEminigame Read Note
T24 https://anhsieuviet.com/image/FEDi7S #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Eia Mhara 🦭🎙️ PALETTE COVER OUT NOW mashing with 4 fingers got me to 20k on my phone one time and I have never been able to replicate the results
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MADGUEST Ty #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Kae #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Nikke 9 #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
JIAN #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Jian #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Wendy Saephan Don't worry about the high score. It ain't that big of an accomplishment. [委屈] #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Nikke 7 #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Mk_14ß #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Nikke 6 #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
5 Nikke #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
4 Nikke #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
4 Nikke #NIKKEminigame  Read Note


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