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QooApp News Fortnite x Naruto 2nd Collab Launches on June 23 Seeing the Naruto characters use firearms is still a little uncanny
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Fortnite x Naruto 2nd Collab Launches on June 23 - QooApp News Fortnite x Naruto is back! The game will be adding Hinata, Itachi, Gaara, and Orochimaru skins to the game, along with Nindo Community Battles on June 23!
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today】When Do You Know They Are CP? After A Good Kiss Scene! There are many elements in anime: friendship, fight scenes and of course, romance.[色色]
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SerJoX Naruto: Shippuuden #Naruto #Sasuke #Pain #Akatsuki  Read Note
WATERLATICE2 Princess sasuke #Anime #Meme #AnimeMeme #Naruto  Read Note
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today】Mommy Are The Best! Who Is Your Favorite Anime Mother? Last Sunday was Mother's Day, I’m sure all of you spent quality time with your mama!!🎀
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Favorite mother character?

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WATERLATICE2 Titans are scared of them😂 #Anime #Meme #AnimeMeme #Aot #Naruto Read Note
WATERLATICE2 The Great battle in history😂 #Anime #Meme #AnimeMeme #Naruto #Boruto Read Note
WATERLATICE2 oppie!!!😳😳😳 #Anime#Meme#Naruto#Animememe#Manga Read Note
WATERLATICE2 Kakashi with mask and without #Anime #Meme#Naruto Read Note
WATERLATICE2 His hand is enough 😆😂 #Anime#Meme#Naruto Read Note
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today 】Today Is The Day Of Deul!! Come Vote For Your Favorite Battle Anime!! April 13 is Japan’s day of duel!🎌 And unlike other special days in Japan, the story behind the day is very famous and exciting. It's based on the most famous samurai duel in the history of Japan - Miyamoto Musashi vs Sasaki Kojiro!![哇噻]
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Favorite Battle Anime?

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PhD in Anime 【Share of Today 】April Not Only Brings Us New Anime, But Also Sakura! Speaking of April, many will immediately think of April fools, we nerds will think of the long awaited Spring anime. But, if you ask the Japanese, they might think of Back To School and ── Sakura!!🌸
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takeru GT New Naruto Game only 100mb #naruto
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WATERLATICE2 The wind~~~ https://youtube.com/shorts/G4CcAhiAkvo?feature=share Read Note youtube.com The wind~~~#anime #meme - YouTube
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today 】Feels Like An Old Boomer?? Go Watch These Anime To Live Young Again!!
Do you guys know if you are becoming a boomer? It’s not that you are getting old, but you refuse to accept or try new things![怪笑] Especially if you think the anime is dead now, you definitely are a boomer! I know there is nothing like the old classics, but there are lots of anime to look forward to now too![厲害]
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Your Favorite Anime From The Young Generation!!

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WATERLATICE2 I realized something realy😢 #Anime#Meme#Naruto Read Note
Proyo Gamex Meme Lord follow and like for more mmm .... i don't like her but its ok😂😂
#waifu #naruto
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WATERLATICE2 How does he eat😅😵 #meme#anime#naruto Read Note
WATERLATICE2 This is way to get thanks #Naruto#Boruto#meme#Meme#Animememe#BFF Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor This Drawing Looks Amazing #Fanart #Anime #Goku #Saitama #Eren #Naruto #Luffy #Deku
Recently I've been obsessed with the anime fanart videos of the wonderful artist on YouTube. I admire them too much and am a little jealous of their talent (the world just isn't fair). But I'm pretty sure they have put a huge amount of effort to make them this good. Enjoy this video of 6 main protagonists from the top shonen mangas!
Credit: Tolg Art / YouTube
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WATERLATICE2 How Naruto feel pain😆😆😳 #Meme#meme#Anime#anime#Animememe#Naruto#naruto Read Note
WATERLATICE2 Naruto and we are different 😆 #Meme#meme#Naruto#Boruto#Anime#anime#Animememe Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor The Golden Child #Naruto #Gaara #Birthday
Today is the birthday of Gaara from Naruto! He was introduced early in the series as an antagonist, but later on, we see that his miserable background story literally made him the Sunagakure version of Naruto. With a tailed beast inside him as well, he had to look out for himself growing up alone and being aggressive. 
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AlubisKun Top Contributor We Share The Same Interests #Celebrity #Anime #Pokemon #Naruto #OnePiece
It's interesting to realize that some celebrities are as keen as we are when talking about anime. Our lives may differ because they are famous for something and it feels like we're from different worlds, but the fact is that they are humans too. The love for anime is the same, which make me feel we're actually closer than we thought [怪笑] 
Here are some examples:
Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande love Pokemon. 
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Anime Lover 《Naruto》 [] Hyuuga Hinata [] Read Note
Anime Lover 《Naruto》 [] Haruno Sakura [] Read Note
Anime Lover 《Naruto》 [] Temari [] Read Note
Anime Lover 《Naruto》 [] Uchiha Sarada []
Link: -
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Anime Lover 《Naruto》 [] Uzumaki Kushina []
Pixiv - のんこ 
Link: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/68771721
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Anime Lover 《Naruto》 [] Tsunade []
Twitter - @GEAROUS
Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/gearous/status/1350727152312872963
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