Topic: If you could summon ANY CHARACTER from ANY GAME, who would you summon?

In Fate series, people usually summon servants that live only in legends and history. But hey, our world is different. We have so many sugoi characters in many different video games, why can’t we summon them?

Post a picture of the character you want to summon in NOTE and hashtag it with #MySummon . Those who get most likes will be awarded a FGO Duel collection figure!
Elly Official QooApp #MySummon 
You baka...it’s okay if you choose to summon another servant. It’s not like I want to serve you, got it????!!!! (blush)
This week’s topic is “if you could summon ANY CHARACTER from ANY GAME 🎮, who would you summon?”. (Darn it why am I not working as a servant in Fate)
I am sure many of you would go for Saber 🗡, but I want nothing more than to summon Makoto from Persona 5. She is kind and clever, and the most important thing is she kicks ass! I am sure we will be best friends!
So who do you want? Post your answer in NOTE and hashtag it with #MySummon . I will give FIVE masters who get the most likes a random FGO Duel collection figure (JP ver.)!
Event Period: 24th August - 30th August
Announcement: 31st August
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アカヒ Lucky!!! Akhirnya Dapat Juga Si THE ONE!
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Lol #MySummon  Read Note
Joot8201 #MySummon from genshin Read Note
ChocoCornetRimi #MySummon Shirokane Rinko from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!  Read Note
❤️Puck❤️ #MySummon Easy! Puck from re zero!
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saeed jafari #MySummon my most beloved wifu in the entire universe😅
the one and only knight of rebelion
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Itō Miku Honkai Impact 3rd #MySummon
yeay [色色] I got 3 characters [哇噻]
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Weaboo_Gamer To answer another question... #MySummon I summon the strongest being known to man... Read Note
eric cen #MySummon  Read Note
LORD_A26 #MySummon I also got int ssj3 goku but i couldn't get my screenshot to work also bluestack has bad screenshot quilty Read Note
Aqila Uv #MySummon  Read Note
محمد عبد الرازق papg korya #MySummon  Read Note
Trigun Claudiu #MySummon 
i want sig from puyo puyo
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Rezon Reinaldo #MySummon  Read Note
Akane Sakurada #MySummon definitely the ultimate waifu.  Read Note
Neru_04 #MySummon 
Some girls from Girls Frontline and Honkai Impact 3rd!!!!!(¯﹃¯)
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EinLZero #MySummon  Read Note
Zia Ash #MySummon old gacha-hack: roll it in morning Read Note
Succ #MySummon huh Read Note
WetCat #MySummon  Read Note
SnivyLovers #MySummon RIP WRONG SERVANT SPOOOOOOOKED TLDR 10 pull for Cleo or Penth Got carmilla instead Read Note
Herman leonardo h #MySummon test Read Note
Ricky Geunius #MySummon my new year present with only 30 sq [賣萌][開心] Read Note
OkaSakura ??? #MySummon Odysseus pls DW [大哭] Read Note
Haider Zahoor #MySummon  Read Note
Gia Bảo #MySummon my feeling after summoned Nero Claudius !!!  Read Note
FakToni #MySummon  Read Note
Steven Setiawan #MySummon i would like to summon ma boi Read Note
Chibi Hime #MySummon Chaldea's Master. Servants will search for them at any cost :D Read Note
#MySummon Still don't have the perfect fusion 😭
(Gogeta is best fusion, but Vegito's stronger) 
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Akari Mikazuki #MySummon I really want to summon Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in real life so he can continue writing beautiful music again (picture is just some salt material[怪笑]) Read Note
lucien nzeutom #MySummon  Read Note
食蜂操祈 #MySummon Ishtar  Read Note
reactive tree #MySummon  Read Note
gamingkosong #MySummon  Read Note
Aizuka_ #MySummon  Read Note


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