Topic: If you could summon ANY CHARACTER from ANY GAME, who would you summon?

In Fate series, people usually summon servants that live only in legends and history. But hey, our world is different. We have so many sugoi characters in many different video games, why can’t we summon them?

Post a picture of the character you want to summon in NOTE and hashtag it with #MySummon . Those who get most likes will be awarded a FGO Duel collection figure!
Ota-kun #MySummon "I am your sword" Read Note
Racist Kid #MySummon Read Note
LoneStar #MySummon Read Note
Alice_Williams05 #MySummon
ok funny story: a long time ago i created a new account on Sword Art Online:Memory Defrag because i wanted Yuuki so much. Well,in my PC i have many folder that contain my accounts, and i leave this account in my PC for many months. I was sad because in the gacha i didnt get Yuuki but,instead, this beautiful and gorgeus Asuna😍😍. Now i finally re-found it❤💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💌💜 Read Note
LoneStar #MySummon Read Note
LoneStar #MySummon Read Note
Tô Ka #MySummon Read Note
Galaxy Pro #MySummon Read Note
Spoopy_Syrup #MySummon 👁️👄👁️👌 Read Note
Manaos Sama #MySummon Cada dia estoy salado umu Read Note
Sera #MySummon luck is for real :V Read Note
Lyrrr #MySummon Read Note
Ashkiller #MySummon And thats why i have 4 acounts Read Note
HCL Tsm #MySummon Read Note
lucious lawliet #MySummon :saeyoung choi .
though i have multiply characters i wish to summon than (if possible) but-
Shock Mobage-Junk #MySummon has gotta be Broly. I want him to scream in my face for 10 days straight Read Note
ROBERT.E.O SPEEDWAGON Top Contributor #MySummon
HazamaTerumi #MySummon
BootyMaster #MySummon i need him.... like how could u deny the fact that he look so damn GOOD. ma man is a damn horse with six arms holding six swords with green fire coming out of his face and chest. #STEPONME #FGO #FateGo #FateGrandOrder Read Note
Tanyx #MySummon Ivan on FGO (JP), "First Hassan" on FGO (NA) Read Note
Narurei #MySummon The best summon that I've got. Got the first SP Shikigami in game feels so lucky! 😍😍😍 Read Note
marel fathirusalam #MySummon is yae sakura from honkai impact 3rd Read Note
Zack #31 #MySummon Read Note
AsukaSenpai #MySummon Read Note
Shiozaki Kumori #MySummon

The character I really want to summon is Cu Alter. He's the best Berseker in the game (in my opinion) and is my fav version of Ireland's Child of Light. Welp I haven't gotten any 5 stars despite being level 100+ and it's pretty embarrassing especially when sharing what servants I have with my friends (not that I don't love any of my other servants)

I'm hoping that through next year's banners I'll get him yay!

Read Note
RonIR #MySummon Read Note
Sumethal #MySummon Gbf the best game ever, aru chan Read Note
RedDress Top Contributor IM DEAD
#mysummon Read Note
Doctor Hollow #MySummon
Now I have this BOY Dazai after so many trys [色色][色色]
Agora tenho esse Dazai finalmente, depois de várias tentativas!!![色色][色色] Read Note


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