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Today March 3 is the Japanese Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, come check out who is your Hina doll!

Take a screenshot of your ACG Hina doll and post her in the comment to get Gacha ticket*10~

[🎎Claim Your Reward Here] ▶March Tasks◀

[🎎Participation Period] 2023.3.3 ~ 3.10 15:59 (GMT+8) / 01:59 (CST) / 08:59 (CET)

Elly Official QooApp 🎎March Tasks🎎My Hina Doll Darling The traditional dolls are great, but Mr.Qoo has a Gacha machine that is filled with ACG Hina dolls and I am very interested, you can take one too so no one tells Mr.Qoo (qooemoji)[怪笑]
Don’t forget to take a screenshot and share it in the comment to get Gacha tickets*10 too!
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Liv bruh it's a trap #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Mafuyuasahina #Myhinadolldarling #myhinadolldarling #Hatsunemiku 
take a photo and let us see what u get[開心]
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WATERLATICE2 Look everybody what i have got #MyHinaDollDarling #Anime #MyLuck Read Note
Sho #MyHinaDollDarling OwO Read Note
ChocoCornetRimi #MyHinaDollDarling We can freak out in social situations together!..... [暈][暈] Read Note
KK #MyHinaDollDarling 
isekai [開心]
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Matthew Bare 😁😁😁 #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Saki #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Nem35ys i never expected
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HellySkelly Power Doll #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Idk #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Řėpłąÿ Powerrrr #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
C #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Sindobad04 Fran ❤️❤️ #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
squid #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Seiko #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note
Deleted User Ranko my beloved 💕 #MyHinaDollDarling  Read Note


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