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If you are familiar with anime, comics and games, you are probably not new to the concept of different elemental typings. Fire, water, air, earth, and many more are commonly seen in anime and games as a part of the worldview or game mechanics. Now, are you ready to discover your elemental typing?
Elly Official QooApp #MyElementalType
The power of nature has always been a great inspiration for any creative content like anime and games.
For example, in an RPG, mages can usually learn spells of different elemental powers.
Depending on the typing of the enemies, the effectiveness of each spell may vary, and it is one of the most fun and skillful aspect to play around with!
Also, many anime or gaming characters are known for the elemental powers that they possess, from a cute little electric mouse in Pikachu to the water-breathing Tanjiro!
Now, we have a fun test for you. Take a screenshot of the gif below using your device, then see which elemental typing you get!
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MokouFujiwara Water elemental type! It's always fitted me, lol. #MyElementalType  Read Note
Zainab Jahangir #MyElementalType #MyElementalType Read Note
Matthew Bare My Elemental Type #MyElementalType  Read Note
Kazuto #MyElementalType  Read Note
AraviusCarilgy Electric Kazap! Read Note
OrangeDream✨ Nice #MyElementalType  Read Note
fallere825 #MyElementalType looking forward to what i get  Read Note
kkoniichan😴 My Elemental Type #MyElementalType  Read Note
Øyi #MyElementalType
Out the box 
Light manipulation 
flash and causing temporary or permanent blindness
light generation
light dissipation/illusions
superspeed and super reaction speeds
radiation resistance
and ssooooo much more 
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Segumi My Element... DARK
Ummm 🤔, what are the possible skills can I get...
Blind ( Debuff )
Well cant think of anything...
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Waifuz's Sumayyah I got waifu!! X3 #MyElementalType  Read Note
Mika! #MyElementalType  Read Note
Kenta Nightwalker hmm interesting... #MyElementalType Read Note
Mr.k #MyElementalType  Read Note
Basil Nullify Skill/ Ability #MyElementalType  Read Note
KYM not bad? #MyElementalType  Read Note
Jean DeArc Dark Type #MyElementalType  Read Note
Kira_Yoshikage Huh. #MyElementalType  Read Note
ChocoCornetRimi #MyElementalType Grass!!- Grass...? Read Note
Nar Omko I got the OP one!
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芬蘭不太冷 hydro( ꈍᴗꈍ) #MyElementalType  Read Note
sneaky Gasm ice #MyElementalType holy Read Note
Izuku Midoriya my is fire ok #MyElementalType nice i got fire  Read Note
Basil Electric/ Thunder #MyElementalType  Read Note


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