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"Autumn is the season of food🍠, studying📚 and sports🍁! The weather is just comfy and suitable for everything! Speaking of Autumn, what will you first think of?

Vote🗳️ or comment✍️ to tell us! We will read everyone's opinions and design the November Avatar Frame! For otaQoos who voted or commented, we will also send QooApp Gacha Ticket*15 as a reward! Please look forward to the brand new Avatar Frame!

*The Gacha Tickets will be sent after the voting ends." [Event is finished]
Elly Official QooApp [New Wallpaper] Autumn Themed Wallpaper Revealed Thank you all for participating in the votes for the new Avatar Frame design, and the total votes exceeded 5,000! [開心]
I am a girl of her word, here is the new themed wallpaper for autumn. Download and put it to use now!
15x Gacha Tickets are sent to the otaQoos who voted or commented, and the new Avatar Frame is also delivered!
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Elly Official QooApp Your frame, your choice! Decide the Nov Avatar Frame and get 15x Gacha Tickets! Vote or comment to tell us more about your ideal Autumn!
QooApp will read your opinions and design the November Avatar Frame accordingly!
For OtaQoos who vote or comment, we will send 15x QooApp Gacha Ticket as a reward! 
When the participants reach 5,000, an Autumn themed wallpaper will be released!
We are counting on your vote!
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Speaking of Autumn, what will you first think of?

Expiry Date: 2021-11-17 16:00 Select One Total Votes: 6657

  • Maple leaves

  • Ginkgo leaves

  • Acorn

  • Roasted sweet potato

  • Chestnut

  • Mushrooms

  • Painter hat

  • Books

  • Others, see my notes!

Vote Ended
zahra zakiyya #MyAutumn  Read Note
DFluxe There's no autumn here[大哭] I wish I could feel it #MyAutumn  Read Note
nianchen7 #MyAutumn  Read Note
Basil Rain in Autumn #MyAutumn  Read Note
NoxiousMood #myautumn Read Note
Wolfy GirlCZE My favorite guys this season #MyAutumn Dazai and Kunikida from Bungo Stray Dogs are my favorite guys of this season and it's my favorite anime of this season too, let's see how long it'll last Read Note
okoloo #MyAutumn Read Note
Mars Catubig Autumnal Heartfelt Letter #MyAutumn  Read Note
YUZU #MyAutumn  Read Note
Loki #MyAutumn  Read Note
KitzunŻal #MyAutumn  Read Note
K_m_R #MyAutumn  Read Note
Dame Never try this before #MyAutumn  Read Note
Me Ran hehe #myautumn Read Note
Dame #MyAutumn  Read Note
HaruHi. #MyAutumn  Read Note
Master My cat is cute #MyAutumn  Read Note
Rike #MyAutumn these are what i thought of
credits to the creator of these i found it on Pinterest
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Long Trần #MyAutumn  Read Note
XDevilCryX #MyAutumn  Read Note
Crystal #MyAutumn  Read Note
Fauzi Arifin #MyAutumn  Read Note
Kenny Lee #MyAutumn  Read Note
Tartaglia #MyAutumn  Read Note
Nagahara My Autumn with Drago Raja :> #MyAutumn  Read Note
IYuuna #MyAutumn  Read Note
McMaster #MyAutumn  Read Note
VII-KUN #MyAutumn  Read Note
Shimarin Relaxing #MyAutumn  Read Note
TsubakiSensei オレの秋🍂 #MyAutumn  Read Note


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