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In many parts of the world, people are celebrating a very special day on Sunday, Mother's Day! Love, care, selfless giving to loved ones… These are some of the most iconic characteristics of a kind mommy character in anime. Now, the real question is, despite your actual age and gender, would you make a good mom?
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Happy Mother’s Day, Master!... What? You are not my mother?

Come on! There’s no restriction that I can only say that to my mother! I am just wishing everybody happy!

In fact, the role of a mother can vary across different cultures and communities, so everybody can have a certain level of motherhood in him or her!

In the anime world, there are certain traits and behaviors that are commonly found in mother characters. Take a look!

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CookieMonster Mother's Day Vibes 8/9 am I having mother vibes?
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ryuu Happy mother's day #MommyVibesCheck 
i cant handle kids much..
but i tried to stop a kid from crying
and i cant shopping
still left to tell a bed-time story
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OrangeDream✨ interesting #MommyVibesCheck  Read Note
Yuminora Happy Mother Day Everyone😄😄 #MommyVibesCheck  Read Note
sollux. #MommyVibesCheck 
My results :)
(I love shopping on sale by the way lmao)
Also Happy Mothers' Day everyone!
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Matosashi Happy Mother Day😊 #MommyVibesCheck  Read Note
Mars Catubig My #MommyVibesCheck  Read Note
theicewhiteking #MommyVibesCheck wait a second can a guy even be a mother.. i did learn from the best my own mother lol Read Note
ChocoCornetRimi #MommyVibesCheck I guess I'm not a mommy [耍帥][耍帥] Read Note
Margaret Phoenix My mama #MommyVibesCheck  Read Note
Solo Hunter happy mothers day #MommyVibesCheck 
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Yumi Mommy #MommyVibesCheck 😭 Didn't pass[大哭] Read Note
Azayaka-senpai Done all but not the story X_X #MommyVibesCheck Read Note
Lincilis Happy Mother's Day ❤ #MommyVibesCheck  Read Note
MariEa 7/9 [不滿][委屈][微笑]
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Deleted User bruh I got a perfect score #MommyVibesCheck oh my! I'm a +9 Read Note
AriaAsuna #MommyVibesCheck 
Except cooking for others, I have done the rest of the things
plus most people in my friends circle calls me mommy 🥴 so i got nicknamed as the people's mother 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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MokouFujiwara I guess I have Mommy vibes?? I actually enjoy looking after kids ♥️
Circled all the things I've done or do!
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