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When you download a new mobile game, how far will you “look”?

Check your eyesight in Elly’s note, share your result in the comment and get Gacha ticket*10💕

[👀Claim Your Reward Here] ▶March Tasks◀

[👀Participation Period] 2023.3.10 ~ 3.17 15:59 (GMT+8) / 01:59 (CST) / 08:59 (CET)

Elly Official QooApp 👀March Tasks👀 Do The Mobile Game Eye Exam And Get Gacha Tickets! Hum, it seems like we need to do an eye exam to figure out if you are playing mobile not enough or not enough.
Use the following image to do a #MobileGameEyeExam and share your result in the comment, bring the Gahca tickets home[厲害]
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Tatsu Shidou 2.0 with and without glasses. #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Řėpłąÿ got 2.0 #MobileGameEyeExam 
got a 2.0
Read Note
Lunna 2.0/0.9 with glasses its fine,,, no glasses however,,,, #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
thelocalpjskenjoyer 2 yh thats right 😎 #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Aly 2.0 #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Deleted User 1.2 🤓 #MobileGameEyeExam I already use glasses :p Read Note
koiru #MobileGameEyeExam 2.0 vegetables are good  Read Note
Hikki Mokadzz 1.5 for me
Read Note
HeroAcererSSS 2.0 #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Sayonara #MobileGameEyeExam 2.0 Read Note
Rei 1.2 #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Geeta Pradhan 2.0 #MobileGameEyeExam 
Read Note
sollux. I got 2.0 :) #MobileGameEyeExam [開心][開心][開心] Read Note
Len.nix uwu checking my eyes #MobileGameEyeExam 1.5 Read Note
Galaxy 1.5(⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤ #MobileGameEyeExam 
That's what I always do (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤
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NeetSuzora 2.0 #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Rokusho 2.1 Non Existent #MobileGameEyeExam 
I can't see anything.
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Lívia Shynaider 0.6 eyesight baby #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Serene Toh Game Hunter Eyes is fine #MobileGameEyeExam 
2.0 [開心]
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Xelionz Eye Exam #MobileGameEyeExam 
well 2.0
Read Note
Doesn't Matter 2.0 smodge #MobileGameEyeExam I got 2.0 with fever and no hard difficult. Am wearing glasses though. Keep up the good work Mr Qoo !  Read Note
Nem35ys my choice #MobileGameEyeExam well 1.2[微笑] Read Note
Kimi~~ gg #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Kurono #MobileGameEyeExam 2.0 devs with good game history means less p2w Read Note
Comrade Stalin 2.0😎😎😎🍆😎😎😎😎😎 #MobileGameEyeExam 
find the incorrect emoji
Read Note
ThePROLong Fortunately 2.0 #MobileGameEyeExam Still able to see that sentence, but I'm starting to struggle a bit Read Note
Danteeeeee My eyesight is bad #MobileGameEyeExam I think 1.0 but that's only because ... I want my waifus sooner  Read Note
Ayumi #MobileGameEyeExam  Read Note
Kitkorri wheres my gacha tickets? 😆 #MobileGameEyeExam Id say 1.5 I definitely get into the games when I play. I always love learning  Read Note
MiCHiRU Akabane #MobileGameEyeExam 
I mostly check a lot of stuffs if the game interests me enough. Like the gameplay, story, music, gacha rates etc
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