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PhD in Anime Top Contributor [Share of Today] I Would Love To Ride Them, I Mean Ride With Them! Favorite “Dragon” Characters!! Dragons are one of the most well-known fictional beings! It is fascinating that Dragons appeared in both West and East cultures, sometimes they are secret, and sometimes they are symbols of evil![鬼臉]
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Favorite “Dragon” Character?

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PhD in Anime Top Contributor 【Share of Today】Why We Need To Work Even In Anime? Favorite “Shachiku” Character! しゃちく (Shachiku) is a japanese slang word refers to employees that are completely subservient to their company, similar to wage salve. I know a lot of us are, but you know some characters work harder than us in anime?[怪笑]
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PhD in Anime Top Contributor 【Share of Last Week】I hope these girls grow strong and well~~ Do you?!
March 3 is Japan’ s Doll Festival!!🎊🎌 It's the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls, also known as Momo-no-Sekku or Peach festival. In Japan, most families with girls will display dolls called Hina-ningyo during the Doll Festival.🎎
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Who do you wish to grow up health the most?

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  • Last Order (The End) 『A Certain Magical Index』 

  • Kanna Kamui 『Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid』

  • Ai Haibara 『Detective Conan, aka Case Closed』

  • Himawari Nohara『Crayon Shin-chan』 

  • Eri 『My Hero Academia』

  • Kyōka Izumi 『Bungo Stray Dogs』

  • Kagura 『Gin Tama』

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