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Koun Nomamori RIP MC Shaders Back when Shaders were a thing...They really did make Minecraft better TAT
EB Shader on a Japanese themed Castle I built! 
#minecraft #minecraftshaders
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QooApp News Mojang Rejects NFT Implementation in Minecraft Mojang publically stated it does not permit the implementation, or creation of NFTs using Minecraft! Check out their statement and guidelines on NFTs here!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Mojang Rejects NFT Implementation in Minecraft - QooApp News Mojang officially rejects the implementation, creation, and usage of NFTs in Minecraft, stating it values player safety and inclusivity first!
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Mai Top Contributor ** Game News Update - Minecraft Update Caves& Cliff ** #Minecraft released a new update of caves and cliff!
New bio and new blocks! Have you found your lush caves yet?
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PeriDoGaming Making Animals Farm Minecraft Start Animal Farm In Minecraft || Minecraft #peridogaming #minecraft @PeriDoGaming  Read Note
PikaPika Steve & Alex from #Minecraft are now available as paid DLC in Super #SmashBrosUltimate! Think outside the blocks with these creative fighters today! 
Available individually or as a part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2. 
https://t.co/zzqCNj9KCe https://t.co/bjaTbcm88i
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ItzEvilSpirit Valorant Valorant Riot Games Read Note

Which Should be on Mobile ? #btw #fortnite #ad #callofduty #valorant #creativedestruction #pvp

Expiry Date: 2033-08-18 12:15 Select One

Bayaya #minecraft #minecraftmod #pastelminecraft
The village where i build my first house got raided and I died in the process while trying to defend it. I got revived to my first spawn location and was unable to locate my house. So I change the world and build another one. I hope no raid come in this village.
Read Note youtu.be YouTube <a class="topic" target="_blank" href="https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/topic/minecraft">#minecraft</a> <a class="topic" target="_blank" href="https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/topic/minecraftmod">#minecraftmod</a> <a class="topic" target="_blank" href="https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/topic/pastelminecraft">#pastelminecraft</a> The village where i build my first house got raided and I died in the process while trying to defend it. I got revi...
Otaku Related News Trendsetting Wizard [Now I want to hit it even more...] Netizen (Twitter@sayaendoo000) made a block on his ceiling into a #Minecraft diamond block!
Now I want to climb up and mine it with my fist!
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