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QooApp News Megumin Spinoff Anime Announced! An Anime based on KonoSuba's Spinoff revolving around Megumin is coming! 
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Megumin Spinoff Anime Announced! - QooApp News KonoSuba's Megumin is getting her own spinoff anime! The Megumin Spinoff Anime is based on her light novel, Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!
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Anime Lover 《KonoSuba》 [] Megumin [] Read Note
Damegami Aqua New Megumin Swimsuit Figurine! #Megumin gets her new figure! This Megumin art style is more like the light novel art version than the anime style.
This Megumin looks more young/childlike.
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Damegami Aqua Konosuba bed sheet! #Konosuba released a series of character bed sheet with #Aqua #Megumin #Darkness and #Yunyun versions.
Each of the bed sheet is 128×220cm and cost 7,500 yen + tax (8,250 yen in total)!
The bed sheets are available for pre-order now and shipping will start in July.
Why is there no #Wiz version?!
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