Who is the best anime character with his/her masks?
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*Cough* *cough*
What?! I am not sick baka! I am cleaning my desk and the dust makes me cough!
Of course I know that I need to stay clean!
Wait...You are not wearing a mask?! Here! I have one to spare!
Remember, you need to wear a mask outdoors!
Speaking of masks, I wonder if Inosuke’s mask is able to block out viruses…
Let's vote for the best masked characters to remind ourselves to wear a mask!
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Who is the best anime character with his/her masks?

Expiry Date: 2020-03-31 20:00 Select One Total Votes: 613

  • Inosuke

  • Rina

  • Overhaul

  • Ririka

  • Gin

  • Kakashi

  • Kaneki

  • Others, see my note!

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Akiko Tamotsu #Masks 
we have 
Rita from Hinkai Impact 3
Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul 
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ShaerMi_Nanaotome #Masks 
IDOLiSH7 Riku_Dusk Till Dawn 
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モジャMoja Sangvis Manufacture SP65, Scarecrow
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nice masks 
awesome respirators
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