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Which mobile game made the most money in 2018?

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Elly Official QooApp #MONEY Guess! Which game gets the most 💰money💰 from you guys?
The result for Japan’s top grossing mobile game in 2018 is out already. Not only does the ranking indicates how much a game earns, it also says a lot about a game’s popularity.
Is the top one FGO? Dokkan Battle? Love Live? Or Bang Dream? 
Guess now, and we will announce the results later!
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Which Japanese mobile game made the most money in 2018?

Expiry Date: 2018-12-04 00:00 Select One Total Votes: 942

  • 1.Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  • 2.Fate/Grand Order

  • 3.Monster Strike

  • 4.Puzzle & Dragons

  • 5.My Hero Academia Smash Rising

  • 6.I have other answers! Read my note!

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WATERLATICE2 Never understand what actually #meme#money Read Note
Elly Official QooApp #MONEY Only 7% of you got the answer right…
Last week in #MONEY , we asked you guys which game made the most 💰in Japan. Before announcing the result, let’s see what you guys answered!
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Zack #31 #MONEY just spent more on dokkan to pull the new goku black 😐 Read Note
Dio_brando_gr #MONEY  Read Note
prewade #MONEY  Read Note
DTLANatsu #MONEY  Read Note
prewade #MONEY  Read Note
RonIR #MONEY  Read Note
arief khakim need this class 
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MarvelousAQL #MONEY fgo,bleach and fgo  Read Note
Camren Ferguson #MONEY dokkan battle  Read Note
諭吉福沢 #MONEY  Read Note
Vash Lee Of course US!!! #MONEY  Read Note
Himiko Hirasawa #MONEY  Read Note
Lotarynska #MONEY  Read Note
Andrew Harris #MONEY FGO Read Note
Roni Martins #MONEY For Me :) Money Read Note
can someone tell me a nice gacha game, except FGO, brave frontier, dragalia lost, and epic seven. thank you.
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Hanasaki Miyato! #MONEY pls Read Note
CatrinaGreene #MONEY 
definitely fate go
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strange☕ #MONEY  Read Note
Zulkifliakabar #MONEY Read Note
Shock Blaster #MONEY  Read Note
CrazyMike #MONEY  Read Note
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