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PhD in Anime 【Share of Today 】White Valentine's Day is here!! But their choco might be too sweet!? March 14 is the White Valentine's Day💟, also known as White Day,
 the day originated in Japan for people to give reciprocal gifts to those who gave them gifts received on Valentine's Day.
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kimberly stewart Love of Kill Episode 8 Live Reaction & Review is now up on YouTube #loveofkill #koroshiai #Shoujo #Manga #Anims #YouTube  Read Note
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today】Favorite Female Characters of Winter 2022!! Is Your Waifu On The List? This season's anime also has a wide variety of characters, from the main characters that pull the story, to the characters in a supporting role that give off a non-negligible presence. I think there are many fans who have fallen in love at first sight.[色色][色色]
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Female characters you fall in love with of winter 2022 anime

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kimberly stewart Love of Kill Episode 6 Live Reaction. Its now up on YouTube to watch! #loveofkill #shoujo #Anime #YouTube #Manga Read Note
kimberly stewart Love of Kill Episode 5 Review It is now up on YouTube to watch! #loveofkill #shoujo #Anime #YouTube  Read Note
kimberly stewart Love of Kill Episode 4 Live Reaction is now up to watch on YouTube! #loveofkill #Anime #Manga #YouTube  Read Note
kimberly stewart Love of Kill Episode 3 Live Reaction is now up on YouTube! Check it out #loveofkill #koroshiai #Anime #YouTube  Read Note
kimberly stewart Koroshi Ai Episode 2 Live Reaction is now up. Check it out! #koroshiai #loveofkill #Anime #YouTube Read Note
kimberly stewart Love of Kill (Koroshi Ai) Episode 1 First Impression Live Reaction. Check it out! #youtube #anime #manga #koroshiai #loveofkill Read Note
QooApp News “Love of Kill” Anime Reveals Key Visual, Character Design & 2022 Debut The TV anime adaptation of Fe’s “Love of Kill” romantic thriller manga revealed a key visual and character design! It will debut in 2022!
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