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Circle the one you have watched/watching!
Elly Official QooApp #Isekai_Bingo
Master! Have you ever dreamt of getting isekai’d?

I know you have because I have too!

In fact, I am an expert in isekai since I watched a lot of isekai anime!

My favourite is definitely Konosuba because it is funny and the twists are unexpected!

Here, let’s finish this bingo together and see which are the common ones that we’ve watched!
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Elly Official QooApp #Isekai_Bingo
Here is my result!
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Vahl Almost all #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
Kurogaga Isekai wa Bingo Tomo ni #Isekai_Bingo 
Finally I've got bingo (Diagonal and 3rd Horizontal Line) [開心]
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Lucas Rodríguez #Isekai_Bingo 
I need to watch overlord :(
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cursedcat #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
ricky, 竜護 #Isekai_Bingo 
welll.... i don't recomand the one that i didn't see 
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AwA Nime #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
ratratrat098 #Isekai_Bingo 
Please forgive my insolence. Just checking if I haven't watched everything yet.
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Lirazei #Isekai_Bingo 
ahaha, I'm cursed... 
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The Entei #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
Frau #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
ryuu #Isekai_Bingo 
I haven't watched the popular ones....
Damn it.
i have to watch it now.
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Bryson Ewell #Isekai_Bingo
Here is mine! 
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Bud Holmes #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
Damar Fox #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
zhang matteo #Isekai_Bingo 
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renouw #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
Ota-kun #Isekai_Bingo I watched too much isekai anime Read Note
Mohammad Idrees #Isekai_Bingo fffft Read Note
Hary Kagamine I'm fans of this isekai genre so... Read Note
RezaSatria #Isekai_Bingo 
Got It
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Thorin #Isekai_Bingo 
I don't recognize the 2nd anime in the top row or the last in the 4th row from their cover images, but I may have watched them [為什麼]
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indecisive_v #Isekai_Bingo I never actually finished some of the ones I boxed in but hey, bingo- Read Note
shareloli #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
Orange Stageon #Isekai_Bingo here is mine. also the most recomended one withh less bull Read Note
Umut Rago Rüzgaros #Isekai_Bingo 
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Arcch28lb #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note
Velvyx #Isekai_Bingo there's a lot more isekai anime that i've watch but didn't make it in this bingo, but here it is my result. Read Note
Shiny☆ #Isekai_Bingo  Read Note


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