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Circle the harem anime that you’ve watched/are watching!
Elly Official QooApp #Harem_Bingo
Master! Do you know “harem”?
It’s a type of anime with a male protagonist and several female characters.
The female characters have romantic relationships with the male protagonist!
Some people say girls don’t watch harem anime but I am surely interested in guessing who will win the heart of the male protagonist!
Speaking of harem anime, how many have you watched?
Circle the harem anime that you’ve watched/are watching!
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Elly Official QooApp #Harem_Bingo
Here is my result! Can't wait for the manga ending of The Quintessential Quintuplets!
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Basil Anime Bingo Got 8 bingo.
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Kurogaga Harem Bingo #Harem_Bingo 
Unlucky didn't get the perfect bingo [難過]
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xiemon #Harem_Bingo 
I am not into harem anime…
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InfinityKiyen #Harem_Bingo Now praise me for I have watch so many harem 😂  Read Note
Red Dragon #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
Myirul ! #Harem_Bingo I don't like harem that much. Only nisekoi I love so much. The rest I watch it only because I feel lonely, thats all. btw you should add konosuba here.  Read Note
InvyEmil #Harem_Bingo I don't remember which I dropped but this is all Read Note
Neppuru® SH #Harem_Bingo all of it, even not on this list.
BINGO cleared!
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Kaminari Midoria #Harem_Bingo
dh tgk dh semua anime ni, x ade anime lain ke?
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Astolfo #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
Gaddy Alias #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
RaChin #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
moshuku #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
银桐 SilverKirito #Harem_Bingo Looks like I'm not a harem king after all,since I don't even have a mate(Q∀Q) Read Note
YowaneHaku #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
Kurazi Kira #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
Hydrohaven #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
Aria Kinji #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
jdhdn #Harem_Bingo which anime is 3rd in column 2 Read Note
jdhdn #Harem_Bingo which anime is 4th in column 1 Read Note
jdhdn #Harem_Bingo which anime is 2nd in column 1? Read Note
Excel Fate #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
Islachii #Harem_Bingo  Read Note
SilverBow #Harem_Bingo 
Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo
Its harem time!!![開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][汗顏]😂
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Zer0x #Harem_Bingo 
What are the names of those I left out ..
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EmmemTTC #Harem_Bingo double, so Where's my prize?  Read Note
Ren39 #Harem_Bingo 
No Bingo.
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YuiHimeko #Harem_Bingo 
Sorry i watched almost everything😂
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Shijio Hirajima #Harem_Bingo I don't see A Certain Magical Index Read Note
Stuf #Harem_Bingo  Read Note


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