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QooApp News Otomate Announces Five New Otome Games for Switch, Including A Fandisc for Cupid Parasite Otomate announced five new otome games for Nintendo Switch in the coming years, including a fandisc of Cupid Parasite, new game for Hakuouki and more!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Otomate Announces Five New Otome Games for Switch, Including A Fandisc for A Cupid Parasite Otomate announced five new otome games for Nintendo Switch in the coming years, including a fandisc of Cupid Parasite, new game for Hakuouki and more!
QooApp News New Hakuoki OVA Reveals Visual, Teaser Video & Theme Songs The new OVA of Hakuouki otome video game series reveals a new visual, teaser video, & theme songs. Shouta Aoi voices over new character Sakai Hyogo.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com New Hakuoki OVA Reveals New Visual, Teaser Video & Theme Songs - QooApp The new OVA of Hakuouki otome video game series reveals a new visual, teaser video, & theme songs. Shouta Aoi voices over new character Sakai Hyogo.
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QooApp News “Hakuoki” Anime Gets New OVA! Teaser Visual & New Character Sakai Hyogo Revealed! “Hakuouki” otome game series is getting a new OVA project! A new character Sakai Hyogo is also confirmed to join the anime!
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QooApp News “Yume 100” x “Hakuouki: Shinkai” Collaboration Announced for May 14 “Yume 100” otome mobile game will collaborate with “Hakuouki: Shinkai” from May 14!
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