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AlubisKun Top Contributor Awwww I Can't This Is Too Cute #HunterXHunter #Gon
Yo, early in the morning I was randomly browsing Twitter and found this post with two pictures of Gon and Kon lying down on the grassland together in 1999's version. AWWWW that was so cute and reminded me of the good old times watching HxH.
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QooApp News Gate of Nightmares Hands-On Preview: A Fantasy Tale by Hiro Mashima The first CBT of Gate of Nightmares mobile RPG just finished! Follow QooApp to have a sneak peek at the game system!
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AlubisKun Top Contributor What An Irresponsible Dad So true...what kind of parenting is this [白眼][白眼] Well but to be fair if he wasn't gone, we wouldn't have HUNTER x HUNTER to watch in the first place [鬼臉][鬼臉]
#Ging #Gon #HUNTER
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Throwback Good Old Days In HUNTER x HUNTER I miss the old days [大哭] Look at Gon and Killua, such a pure and untainted smile. I wonder when is Togashi Yoshihiro going to continue the manga series?[白眼]
#HUNTER #Anime #Throwback #Thursday #Gon #Killua #Leorio
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QooApp News “Gate of Nightmares” New Screenshots Previews Battle Scene Square Enix x Hiro Mashima's “Gate of Nightmares” mobile game reveals in-game screenshots to preview the battle scenes!
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QooApp News Square Enix x Hiro Mashima “Gate of Nightmares” Mobile RPG Announced Square Enix announces “Gate of Nightmares” mobile RPG with character design and world setting by “Fairy Tail” manga author Hiro Mashima!
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