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Daisuke Pretty cool forfeit screen. I was trying to LF him and he forfeited 😭#Gogeta #DragonBall Read Note
Pavel Rahman Moderator Should you summon for LR Gogeta Banner? Moshi Moshi,
Dear #GlobalDokkan players today we will discuss whether you should summon on the upcoming banner featuring LR Gogeta
Should you summon: Absolutely, LR The Strongest Ultimate Fusion Gogeta is one of those units that you can call the king of Dokkan, it is considered the best unit in the game. The reason being is because of the power that he displays let's showcase him a bit;
Read Note

Are You psyched about this Unit? Are you Going to summon on his banner?

Expiry Date: 2020-07-10 07:10 Select One Total Votes: 74

  • Yes!!

  • Maybe

  • No

  • it's A secret (teehee)

  • Going for Vegito

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