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It’s not everyday you see your regular four-eyes take off their glasses.

Some folks are just shy and don’t want to unveil their true selves! Or maybe they generally just have vision problems? No matter if you’re a nerd, geek or even an otaku, we wanna see an imaginary version of a character who normally doesn’t take their glasses off!

Share your favorite four-eyes characters without glasses in NOTE now!

Elly Official QooApp #Glasses 
Okay, you guys asked for it!
I may not personally wear glasses myself but I certainly wouldn’t mind trying the lenses on once in a while.
Before you start randomly scouring screenshots for your favourite four-eyes character. We require you follow these specifications.
First, the character has be someone whom had started wearing glasses from their introduction.
Second, s/he must be known for always wearing glasses. 
This goes to say, we’re sorry but Yuki Nagato and Mashu won’t qualify...
Start searching for your favourite four-eyes and show us a photo of that character without their glasses in-tact. I look forward to seeing your experiments!
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