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Elly has a big pool that can only be filled with water generated by anime characters…

Do you know anyone that can help?

Elly Official QooApp ​【We Are Hiring】Water Related Anime Characters Wanted! It’s — so — hot![憋屈] Although Elly has a giant magic pool, it needs water-related characters’ help to fill…
Do you know anyone that can help? Let us know by posting a note with #GiveMeSomeWater !
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Delibirt #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Aiina #GiveMeSomeWater 
Definitely inviting this adorable cinnamon roll for his Oasis Maker [哇噻]
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Madison Nguyen credit goes to artists:giyuu #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
ItsukiSakura Nilou from genshin. #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
R-Hunter me : I'm thirsty #GiveMeSomeWater 
Her : here.. have some ice
me : but, still...
Her : u can lick my foot too, 😅 jk
me : now i'm thirsty af!!! w(*Д*)w
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Luna Jane #GiveMeSomeWater #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Joshua Soya Choosing a Water-related character for the job Let us not forget,
to give the water goddess
a piece of cake task
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Ragnarr Lodbrok Master Roshi XD #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
PhD in Anime Top Contributor [Share of Today] Hope They Can Help Cool Down The Hot Summer! Favorite “Water” Characters!! The heat is killing me, sure everyone would like to go to the pool, the beach, or near these water characters![色色]
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MyMainMan Sidon, sage of water #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
ReiKuromine #GiveMeSomeWater 
Shout out to my girl Eria
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Renn Yareli from Warframe #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Rei Sure #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Kapiicakes #GiveMeSomeWater 
Yusheng c:
from Tale of Food
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Karen Chua #GiveMeSomeWater 
 Sure here's Juvia Lockser
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kienquocsi The one and only Goddess Roxy #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
GermanSpy Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon, as well as Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail!!! #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Kubil Kubil water #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
∩⑅∩ ◟🌊◞ Roselia from bandori !
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Crystal_Ice #GiveMeSomeWater 
Juvia Lockser w/ Gray Fullbuster bonus for a cooler environment (Fairy Tail)
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MasterofGaburincho #GiveMeSomeWater 
Ga-Matoran, Gali (Nuva), and Turaga Nokama
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noam k someone order a depresso espresso? #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Mars Catubig Here have Azul, Kokomi & Ayato #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Hinata #GiveMeSomeWater 
Legit everyone from free [可憐][害羞][害羞]
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Nor Qaseh batrisya Abdul rahman yelan, nilou, mona and hydro archon (i forgot the name) #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Darth Vader peak water REM IS LOVE. REM IS LIFE.
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PinkCup Here have barbara #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Legrette 💧💙 #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
circe puka puka #GiveMeSomeWater KANATA SHINKAIII little fish boy... Read Note
Sophinn Noelle Silva from Black Clover #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Lege9 pretty sure kiara is a water user #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note
Red [Decimo] Takeshi Yamamoto and Squalo (Hitman Reborn) #GiveMeSomeWater  Read Note


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