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I am sure everyone fell in love with anime characters at some point in life, can you introduce the first one who stole your heart?

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Nazrul Khan My First Love #Pokemon #FunnyWisdom Pokemon is the best anime for me and I wish I could be in the world of Pokemon.[色色][色色] Read Note
Daniel van Driel fate #FunnyWisdom 
"people die when they are killed"
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Vartann Lucius TF2 Sniper #FunnyWisdom 
"Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
Helps me get through the worst days in retail.
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RedTriangle Very true indeed #FunnyWisdom  Read Note
Sanzo #FunnyWisdom  Read Note
Panic #FunnyWisdom Give in to the wisdom of your lizard brain. Eat the shiny thing.  Read Note
sollux. Something my teacher says #FunnyWisdom A quote from my teacher: "Always fear the power of stupid people in large groups." Read Note
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